The 13th Step


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The 13th Step.  A Global journey in Search of our Cosmic Destiny.

In 1998, scientist, healer and mystic Jude Currivan PhD heard an inner message – a call to undertake a global quest that would transform her life and take her and her fellow travellers on an inner and outer odyssey that would ultimately reveal our hidden heritage and cosmic destiny.
The initial intention of the journeys was to activate the healing energies of twelve ancient Lemurian artefacts around the Earth to support the collective shift of awareness prophesied for 2012.
But an even deeper purpose began to unfold.
For the native elders of indigenous traditions around the world say that in these momentous times ‘we are the ones we have been waiting for’.  As did the soular heroes of myth, we are now able to undertake a spiritual journey to remember the wholeness of who we really are.
The twelve activations and the opening of a galactic portal were completed at the December solstice of 2003.  But in 2006, a further call heralded a thirteenth healing journey…
The 13th Step shares an inspirational message of hope and reconciliation.  It offers an empowering call for every one of us to embody our own divinity and fulfil our highest purpose as the soular heroes of this transformation.

Jude Currivan