Speakers' Register

The following is a list of people who are prepared to offer their services as speakers. Please feel free to contact them.

If you wish to be added to the list, please download and complete this consent form:


Send the completed form to the BSD office, making the subject “Speaker’s Register”:


John Baker

E-mail: j.baker864@btinternet.com
Phone: 01322 525975
BSD Member for many years
BSD ALG Chair, London Dowsers
Professional Dowser, Professional Register
Workshop/Tuition included, very much so.
Live meetings when permitted.
London and environs.
Projector, etc. not needed.
Zoom not available.
Weekdays, evenings, weekends.
Fee and travel expenses apply.

Gary Biltcliffe

E-mail: albion111@aol.com
Phone: 01305 834713
BSD Member
Experienced Dowser
Speciality: Energy lines; earth mysteries; geomancy. The Spine of Albion; The Holy Axis; Power of Centres
Workshop/Tuition included
Live meetings when permitted – South of England or Midlands; North if prearranged.
Own projector; screen or blank wall please.
No Zoom at the moment.
Available mornings, afternoons, weekends.
Fee charged: £100. Petrol expenses + accommodation if long distance.

Elizabeth Brown

E-mail: elizabeth@causativediagnosis.com
Phone: +44 (0)7974 918927
BSD Member for 30 years
Experienced Dowser
Speciality: Dowsing. Health
Workshop/Tuition included
Live meetings when permitted;
Can Zoom
If live, projector/screen needed; microphone.
Available mornings, afternoons, weekends. Fees flexible;
please enquire.

Jean-Marc Degioanni

E-mail: infinityalignment@gmail.com
Phone: +447807935582
BSD Member
Specialty: Healing with “Celeste”; Electro and Chemical-Sensitivity testing; Working on Sick Building Syndrome through Space Alignment Therapy.


Workshop/Tuition included
Live meetings

Zoom talks dependant on the talk
UK and Europe
Projector, etc needed.
Weekdays, evenings, weekends.

Fee and travel expenses apply.

Grace Edgar


E-mail: dowsingeastsussex@gmail.com
Phone: 07830 293524
BSD Member; ALG Member
Experienced Dowser
Specialities: Basic Dowsing; Map Dowsing; Dowsing Wells;
Workshop/Tuition included
Live meetings.
Can Zoom
Do not need projector, screen, microphone, etc.
Available mornings, afternoons, weekends.
No fee but expenses appreciated; accommodation if long distance.

Andrew Edgar

email: andrewredgar@gmail.com
Mobile: 07846781752
Experienced dowser for over 10+ years.
BSD Member; was Chair of Cardiff Dowsers until move to Sussex. 
Speciality: Map Dowsing; The Consciousness of Trees; Archaeological Dowsing (especially the Neolithic in South Wales); Earth Energies/mysteries.
Workshops/tuition included, especially Map Dowsing.
Yes to Zoom and live meetings.
South East England, but I could be persuaded to travel to most places in England or Wales.
Do not need any equipment, I bring my own.
No fee but contribution to expenses appreciated

Dr Helen Ford

Holistic Physician & Healer
E-mail: helenfordhealing@yahoo.co.uk
Phone No: 01384 379740 and 07954 412873
Speciality: Aura Diagnosis to understand the underlying causes of disease, Perceiving Auras, Healing through the Masculine and Feminine elements of the soul, Creating the Life you Desire.
Happy to do talk or workshop or do a talk with a bit of workshop included. Depends on available time.
No to Zoom – not good for psychic work in my experience.
Live meetings only.
Any day or time, please enquire.
I charge a fee, expenses just car mileage.

Grahame Gardner

Experienced International presenter and workshop leader.Specialities: Geomancy, Earth Energies, Spirituality, Technopathic stress, magic.Can do live meetings with workshops, zoom talks.Live meetings: based in Glasgow, but willing to travel. Expenses requiredZoom welcome. Equipment useful, have own laptop, projector, screen.Contact via website – https://westerngeomancy.org/contact/

Adrian Incledon-Webber

E-mail: adrian@dowsingspirit.co.uk
Phone: 01748 822634
Specialty: Geopathic Stress/House Healing, Health, Sacred Sites, Dowsing, Healing with Sacred Symbols, Earth Energies, How Healthy Are you, Elementals.

Workshop/Tuition included

Zoom talks
Projector, etc not needed.
Weekdays, evenings, weekends (please book in advance)

Fee’s apply including travel expenses.

Melinda Iverson Inn

E-mail: melinda@spiritofdowsing.com
Phone: Google Voice (VoIP) +14155086847 and WhatsApp +14153850347 SKYPE: melindainn
BSD Member
Experienced Dowser
Specialty: Bridging the subtle energies of the etheric, emotional, mental, spirit and the highest levels of consciousness to bring harmony, balance and facilitate self-heal-ing. I have a written 4 dowsing books on these subjects. I look forward to speaking with you and your group.

Please contact me to discuss fee’s/travel expenses.

I can hold meetings on zoom or other platforms covering all areas and countries. Whatever is easiest for the organizer. I can also attend live meetings when visiting the UK from the USA. I live in the USA, so online is best right now. I am available on weekdays, evenings, weekends.
Does need a projector, screen, etc.

Margaret Koolman

E-mail: margaret@soulastrology.com
or margaret@koolman.com
Phone: 07985 959549
ALG Member
Speciality: Soul Astrology – indicates intuitive abilities of individuals
Workshop/Tuition included if requested
Live meetings preferred if permitted: Gloucestershire and please enquire
Able to Zoom
Project, screen, microphone helpful; flip chart useful.
Available weekdays, evenings, weekends; daytimes preferred
Fee nice; petrol expenses welcome.

Joey Korn

joey@dowsers.com 1-706-733-0204 (USA) Professional Dowser Personal Energy Clearing & Space Clearing Yes to Zoom, that’s the only way I teach anymore, except one-on-one with clients on the phone and in our retreats that we conduct in our home near Augusta, Georgia, USA. Weekdays, evenings, weekends – Yes to all. I am on Eastern Time. Fee accepted if funds are available. No travel involved.

Yuri Leitch

E-mail: yuri13oct@yahoo.co.uk
Phone: 07479946457
Speciality: Earth Mysteries, Alignments, Spirits of Place, Occult and Esoteric History, Celtic/Brythonic Mysticism.
Cannot offer live meetings as I live in the Channel Islands.
Zoom preferred.
Any area; projector etc. not needed.
Available weekdays, evenings, weekends on Zoom.
Fee and expenses charged, please enquire.

Dr Patrick MacManaway

E-mail: patrick@patrickmacmanaway.com
Yes, I am a Dowser, and Yes, I am a member of the BSD.
Specialities: Earth energies, nature spirits, geopathic stress
Workshops available on request
Yes to Zoom, any time of day, please enquire.
Area cover: US, UK, AUS. Can do live talks when in the right country!
Would need projector, screen, microphone, etc. please.
I do charge a fee and travel expenses, both variable.

Laurence Main


Network of Ley Hunters, 9 Mawddwy Cottages, Minllyn, Dinas Mawddwy, Machynlleth, SY209LW, Wales UK

Phone: 01650 531354
Speciality: Walking the Leys and King Authurs Camlan
Workshop/Tuition Included if wanted

Live meetings in UK, Microphone may be needed for larger halls

Available any time
No Fee; travel expenses required please.

Barbara Mastropirro

Dowser, member of the BSD.
Specialising in Health and Spiritual dowsing.
Workshops included.
Zoom and/or live meetings in person.
London, Somerset, Wiltshire.
Do not need screen, projector, microphone, etc.
Evenings preferred; remotely – any time.
No fee but I do charge travel expenses.

Lorne Mitchell

E-mail: lorne.mitchell@gmail.com

Mobile: 07801439332

Dowser, member of London and Kent Dowsers

Specialising in Dowsing in Service to the Honeybee; Dowsing in Business; Dowsing and Intuition. Workshops included. 

Zoom and/or live meetings. 

Kent, Sussex, Home Counties

Would need screen, projector, microphone, etc.

Yes to weekdays, evenings, weekends.

Fee and expenses charged. 

Speaker at BSD Convention, 2021

Alanna Moore

E-mail: info@geomantica.com
Phone: +353 719 616254 (Ireland)
BSD Member
Experienced Dowser
Specialty: Dowsing in the garden and making energising Power Towers for improved gardening. Australian Geomancy. Deva Dowsing of nature spirits.
Workshop/Tuition included live
Live meetings in Ireland, Zoom in all of Cyberspace!
Available any time but prefer day time
Does not need a projector, screen, etc.
Fee applies; travel expenses please enquire.

Amy Murphy-Watts

E-mail: amy@natureswish.co.uk
Phone: 07753986810
BSD Member
Specialty: Working with flower essences, using intuition and dowsing to connect with the plants and to select your remedies. Working with the divine feminine energies and mother nature.
Live meetings – South of England, South West, South East, please enquire if further away

Zoom talks
Projector, etc needed.
Weekdays, evenings, weekends.
Fee and travel expenses apply.

Kelly Peacey

07816 311062
BSD Member
Speciality: Crystal Healing, Spiritual Hygiene & Energy Maintenance, Sacred Geometrical Crystal Light Grids, Crystal Skulls, Crystals and Electro-Stress, Numerology for the Soul and Healing with the Archangels.
Workshop/Tuition available.

Peter Stott

E-mail: peterstott168@btinternet.com
Phone: 07989 675 971

Member of the BSD, Professional register Dowser and BSD Tutor.
Specialty: Basic dowsing, energy clearing.

Workshop/Tuition included
Live meetings Countrywide subject to covering accommodation, meals, travel costs etc.

Zoom talks, but prefer face to face.
Projector, etc not needed.

Weekdays, evenings, weekends (please book in advance)


Fee and travel expenses apply.

Vicky Sweetlove

E-mail: vickysweetlove@yahoo.co.uk
Phone: 01526 323809 Mobile: 07885945008
BSD Member, Professional Register; ALG Member York & N.Lincs Dowsing Group
Professional Dowser and Teacher
Speciality: Earth Energies, Chakras in home and land; Space Clearing, Feng Shui
Websites: www.fengshuilife.co.uk www.vickysweetlove.com
Live meetings throughout London, Lincolnshire and Wales, Scotland and UK
Would need a projector, screen, microphone
Available weekdays, evenings, weekends
Fees and expenses charged, please enquire
Workshops/Tuition included on request: I teach at the College of Psychic Studies; Youtube Videos to view on my Youtube channel – Vicky Sweetlove.

Paul Syrett

E-mail: paul@spiritman.me

Phone:  +44 (0)7836 588027

BSD Member

BSD Trustee.

Speciality: Dowsing, Earth Energies, Healing & Conciousness, Geomancy, Natural World Connection.

Workshops / Tuition / In-Person

and Online.

Live meetings Globally.

Can Zoom.

No equipment needed.

Week days, evenings, weekends. Any time by arrangement.

Peter Taylor

E-mail: peterjtaylor9@gmail.com
Phone: 01352 754052
BSD Member,
Professional Dowser
Speciality: Water, mineral deposits, oil & gas, all forms of geopathic stress, archaeology, all forms of earth energies
Workshop/Tuition available: All forms of dowsing.
Ex-tutor for the BSD.
Able Zoom UK.
Able to attend live meetings
Evenings and weekends are preferred.
Fee and travel expenses charged.

Nigel Twinn

E-mail: alifedivined@posteo.net
Phone: 01822 612403
BSD Member; Member of 2 ALGs Tamar Dowsers and the Devon Dowsers
Experienced Dowser 25 years
Speciality: My own books – and co-authored books. Earth energy dowsing. The ‘philosophy’ of dowsing.
Workshop/Tuition included on request.
Live meetings when permitted.
Zoom – any area.
I have a projector and laptop, but would need a screen or a blank wall.
Available weekdays, evenings, weekends by mutual arrangement.
No fees as such. A contribution to travel and/or the cost of accommodation appreciated, and the opportunity to display my books.