Kassoso: When Myth Becomes Reality


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Kassoso: when Myth becomes Reality is a sequel to Return of the White Serpent (2012).
David Leesley, now acknowledged as the White Serpent, returns to the tribe in the isolated Pacific island of Vanuatu. For several years David has worked through initiations and sacred ceremony with the Black Serpent, the High Chief Wai Rawi, to fulfil the ancient tribal myth of the Black and White Serpents reuniting to complete the original lineage of the first Grandfather, the Great Dragon Lord Tangarua. This book describes David’s experiences and final secret initiations undertaken to make the unique connection with Kassoso, the feared Dragon Men, a connection known only to three men, of which David is one. For most people in the western world it would be a harsh and demanding way of life but David has developed a deep empathy with the tribe in this remote jungle area. His love of its people, customs and traditions make this account unique.

David Leesley