Meet the BSD President and Trustees.  

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Richard Fry – President

I am a retired Fire Officer and former RAF Radio Technician. I also served as
an Officer in the Air Cadet Organisation for many years. Since retiring, my
main focus, apart from dowsing, is to teach the Ukulele to members of the
University of the Third Age (U3A). I was introduced to dowsing in 2017 by our
then-President, Graham Wayt. Since joining his Group in Gower, near
Swansea, I have become a member of the West Wales Dowsers and lately
the Devon Dowsers groups.
After attending the Spring Symposium in 2019, I volunteered to become a
Trustee and was elected onto the Council at the September AGM. At that
time the Society was in somewhat of a decline as the training programme
had stopped and the Special Interest Groups had disbanded. Then Covid-19
struck and everything seemed to stand still. However, slowly but surely life
started to come back to normal and we were able to run our first event in
October 2021.
I am, however, delighted that everything is now ‘on the up’, although it hasn’t
always been plain sailing. I’ve had to learn the peculiarities about how the
BSD functions and also how to run a business, which I have never done
before and all the time balancing this with the charitable and volunteer aspect
of the Society.
I am, nonetheless, inspired by the tremendous team who support you and all
our members. With Hilary and Amber in the office, our council of trustees plus
a huge list of volunteers helping with the technical side, education
programme, major events and our zoom calls, they have truly put us back on
the map not only at home but we also now have a huge international
following. I am also encouraged by all the loyal members who continue to
support the Society and I sincerely thank you for that support. Serving this
wonderful organisation has been the most honoured and privileged position I
have ever experienced and I look forward immensely to the remainder of my
tenure as President.

Jonqiul Webber – Trustee

I began my career in the Royal Air Force where I served as a Loadmaster
(NCO Aircrew) on VC10s and travelled extensively around the world.
However, following a serious road accident I had to retire from the RAF after
only six years. I later joined the Civil Service in the UK and served as far
away as Hong Kong.
Following a career of ‘service’ I settled in Plymouth and became the
Housekeeper on Drake’s Island. It was here where I learned to dowse for
water by another member of staff. I subsequently learnt to dowse for answers
to most things in my daily life and have taught others how to dowse too. I
recently taught my neighbour’s daughter and hope more youngsters will take
up the craft.
I also want to promote dowsing and the BSD, and believe articles published
in mainstream and specialist magazines would spread the word. I have also
served as Treasurer of the Plymouth Branch of the Royal Air Force
Association for several years and hope to use that experience to help the
BSD move forward.
I have been a member of the Society for many years and I was elected onto
the Council in February 2023. I remain a loyal and supportive Trustee
attending every meeting since my election.

Paul Syrett – Trustee

Connection is a consistent theme in successful relationships, successful
businesses and successful dowsing!
Good health is a valuable commodity that is so often taken for granted. When, at
the age of 46, I thought my luck had run out, I embarked on a journey which
showed me the true value of connection and the severe consequences of
My early career took me to the fields of water and earth sciences and later, I
moved into technology, IT security and business transformation. The skills I
developed during this period of my life have given me a strong foundation for the
work that I now do.
The COVID-19 pandemic showed us the impact of isolation and the
corresponding loss of connection in so many facets of our lives. Having been
badly affected by this at a very personal level, I took the opportunity in 2023 to
buy a camper van and spent 6 months travelling around the UK. I met many
amazing people, spent time at festivals, living in community with other likeminded souls and started to regain my connection to myself and the the natural
world around me.
In these challenging times, I believe that the BSD has an important role to play in
raising awareness of dowsing as a skill with many facets. I welcome the
opportunity to bring my business experience and growing skills in downing and
connection to work with the team here to support the current membership as well
as to the wider community.

Dawn Kirkham – Trustee

We took the opportunity to interview Dawn Kirkham one of our Trustees to find
out more about her dowsing and other work with subtle energy.

Q. Can you tell us a bit about yourself Dawn?
Yes, I was born in the Northwest of England in Liverpool and am the youngest of four. I was a bit of the black sheep of the family in that I was always interested in magic, crystals and stones, Faeries, and such. I was the first of the family to go to university and get a degree and started my career in Human Resources within the Health Care field, which has been a highly enjoyable and satisfying career and one that I still do to this day. I met my now husband in Liverpool and we have
a grown-up daughter together. In the late 90’s, I started to explore metaphysical and esoteric topics and sat in an open mediumship circle at the spiritualist church for about a year before being invited into a couple of closed circles, one focused on spirit rescue, one on house clearing and another on direct voice mediumship.
I learned a lot during those years about myself and spirit communication before
focusing on becoming a paranormal medium. Alongside this I was also satisfying my love of subtle energy and started my journey with Reiki, Crystal Healing, and other holistic energy healing modalities as well as Druidry, earth-based magic and UFO’s. I guess you could say I am a seeker who goes down many rabbit holes! I was first called to teach in the early 2000’s and have taught hundreds of people since in such things as Reiki, Crystal and Sound Healing, Mediumship and of course Dowsing. I also continued my work as a paranormal and spirit rescue medium and have a paranormal team who I have trained to help people experiencing paranormal type phenomena. In 2009 we emigrated to Vancouver Island, British Colombia in Canada and we live in a little cabin the woods on a lake, enjoying the trees and wildlife like eagles, otters, and black bears!

Q. Dawn, what was your first experience of dowsing?
Back in the day in Liverpool, I was part of a closed mediumship circle that would visit homes to clear energy and wayward spirits. One of the group members used a pendulum and dowsing rods to help her to work with subtle energy and spirits to clear and release them. I was fascinated by this, and she was gracious enough to teach me how to do this to. From that day on I was hooked on dowsing and wanted to learn more.

Q. What are your dowsing interests now?
My dowsing is pretty much focused on House Healing work as this integrates everything that I have done over the last 30 years. So now I work with the subtle energy of the land, place, and people. I have studied with Maria Wheatly, Tim Walter and Fay Semple and I am very grateful to Adrian Incledon Webber for his comprehensive house healing checklist and to Tim for introducing it to me. As a teacher and facilitator, I love to share my passion for dowsing and house healing by teaching individuals and groups to dowse and offer a range of in person and virtual programs. Most of which are BSD programs or approved by the BSD and I am well on my way to become a registered tutor of the BSD.

Q. Can you tell us what inspired you to become a trustee and about your role in the BSD?
I have long admired the work that organizations like the BSD do to support dowsing and volunteering my time to support the important work they do seemed a natural next step. I was delighted and humbled to be asked if becoming a Trustee was something I would be interested in and I jumped at the chance. I am still figuring out my role as a BSD trustee, particularly as I reside in Canada. However, one thing I have been doing is connecting the BSD with their Canadian cousins the CSD for whom I am a director at large. I hope I bring a passion for dowsing, enthusiasm for the work they both do and business experience to help both organizations continue to grow and support dowsing.

Q. What do you do outside of The BSD?
Well, much of my time is taken up with work but I do find the time to get outside into the breathtaking countryside of Vancouver Island, spend time with my family and am eagerly anticipating the birth of my first grandson in June. I am the proud grandma to a 12 month old corgi pup and enjoy spending time with him also. I help organize an International Network of House Healers run by Tim and Adrian called the Knights Rose
Professional House Healing Network which is made up of house healers trained by Tim, Adrian, and myself. I also co-administer a Facebook group on behalf of the network called “How to Clear your Home” which is designed to help anyone who has questions about the energy of their home, surrounding land etc. I love teaching and spend a lot of time supporting people on their learning journey. I offer a variety of programs both in person and online.