This page lists the members of the British Society of Dowsers council.  

You may also view the latest version of the British Society of Dowsers Memorandum and Articles of Association or view the pdf document here.

Council & Council Members -- Isabel Holroyd

Isabel Holroyd

Isabel had the benefit of both a full set of Yorkshire parents and a Scottish upbringing so she has a profound understanding of the value of money.

She has a degree in Sociology and Psychology but also trained as a Cost and Management Accountant and worked as such in organisations as diverse as an armoured vehicle depot, a bra factory and a brewery. Since then she has been a community warden visiting elderly and disabled people in sheltered housing and the business manager of a motorcycle school.

For twenty five years she also served in the Territorial Army and was the first woman to command a squadron in a British Army transport regiment.

Isabel is now, theoretically, a lady of leisure and lives in the eastern corner of Cumbria. Passionate about promoting dowsing, especially in the north of England, and about having fun while she does it, Isabel is Secretary of Ridings Dowsers and co-founder of Westmorland Dowsers. Isabel was elected to Council in September 2011l and promoted to Vice-President in 2013.

At the AGM on Saturday 6th September 2014, Isabel was unanimously elected President.

Mark Harris
Council Member

After service in the Army and Police, Mark Harris has developed a training practice specializing in First Aid, Health & Safety and the training and assessment of trainers.  Mark attended an introduction to dowsing course run by Hamish Miller.  He has since himself organized more than 30 dowsing energy awareness courses.  This has included an evening course at Inverness College, University of the Highlands and Islands.

Mark has the potential to bring great expertise to the development of training within British Society of Dowsers.

Annie Penny
Council Member

Annie is a counsellor, therapist and healer with over 16 years’ experience working in private practice, at the Cancer Resource Centre and at the Bristol Cancer Care Centre, where she qualified as a certified cancer care worker. She has also practiced in London at the Hale Clinic and at Grace Belgravia Medical.

Annie’s extensive experience in helping and empowering patients began with the experience of her father’s cancer illness and death. This experience, which she describes in the early part of Touching the Silence: A Spiritual Guide to Living and Dying Well, informs subsequent chapters with numerous examples that personalise the book and make it approachable and accessible for mainstream readers.

Annie has worked with countless patients as a spiritual teacher and intuitive healer. 

Annie trained at The College of Psychic Studies (London), Regents College (London), and holds a degree in Integrated Techniques from the IEFT Centre incorporating EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and hypnotherapy.   She is a trainer for The Guild of Professional Healers, training healers for working in UK hospitals.  

Annie also teaches courses on EFT and Death and Dying at the College of Psychic Studies for their College Integrated Healing Diploma Course (CIHD).

Annie is a founder of Sacred Earth Training in the Cotswolds where she teaches (in the UK and Europe) her Wheels of Light chakra wisdom course and also offer training and workshops in different healing modalities including, dowsing, meditation, healing and EFT.   She is a registered member of: CHO, AAMET and MBNLP.

Prior to her work as a healer and therapist, Annie was co-founder of First Magazine, a respected ongoing business publication and forum; founder of Urban Bliss London; and marketing manager and head of new business development at APA Publications.

Council & Council Members -- Bev Reardon

Bev Reardon
Council Member

Bev Reardon works with young people helping them plan the next stage of their education.  Under the auspices of the University of Derby, Bev organised a festival to help people of all ages reconnect with nature.  As part of the festival, Bill Holding led an introduction to dowsing.

Bev’s interest in sacred landscapes began with the 1970’s TV series “Children of the Stones”.

There has been no looking back.

Bev brings a wealth of experience to the British Society of Dowsers and, in particular, will help us target the younger demographic.