The BSD needs your help

Running the BSD depends crucially on members volunteering their time and expertise. The membership comprises people from a wide variety of backgrounds, and between you all, there are many competences to draw on.

To begin with, can you please help with any of the following?

Your help will make a difference.

Tutors and training

An Education committee has now been established and new procedures introduced regarding dowsing training, an important aspect if the Society’s work. The society has introduced a new type of course: “BSD approved courses”.

BSD approved courses are taught by BSD approved tutors. The courses cover introduction to dowsing, moving on to courses that cover special interests. To become one, a tutor must fulfil a number of criteria to help establish their experience. An application form will be available very soon and an announcement made.


The aim is to establish an Events committee responsible for  organising both national events, such as the Symposium and Conference, and regional/local events such as talks and workshops, not forgetting web based (zoom) events.

Marketing (Social Media)

Another important aspect of the BSD mission is to promote the activities of dowsers, such as events in the various local groups, the services offered by professional dowsers and courses.

The society needs people with marketing and promotion experience, who are willing to advise on strategy. Also, increasingly social media requires good quality content, particularly photographic and video and we need people who can produce this.


The website needs improvement. People with website design and/or development experience particularly in WordPress, would be very helpful.


In order to rejuvenate the shop and make it an important revenue stream for the society, we need items to sell. For instance, if you are an author willing to sell your books through our site, or someone who can manufacture dowsing equipment. We would like to encourage suppliers to create their own promotional videos, to better inform customers. Remember that the shop does not only operate on the web, but also at BSD meetings.

Treasurer / Company Secretary / Trustees

There are a number of formal roles that must be filled:

Treasurer – For this role, some accounting experience would be helpful, since it involves advising the Trustees on financial matter and the compiling of the annual financial reports for Companies House and the Auditors.

Company Secretary – Is responsible for scheduling meetings, taking minutes and ensuring that the Trustees follow the society’s articles of association. But no previous experience is required.

Trustees – The Trustees make decisions about the running f the society, working towards its best interests, whilst being compliant with the six duties for Trustees set out by the Charity Commission. No previous experience is required, but enthusiasm for the role of the BSD is advantageous.

Dowsing Today

The society’s magazine requires members, affiliated groups and others to regularly submit articles for publication. We need volunteers to proofread the submissions and others with graphic design experience.

Contact the society

If you are interested in getting involved with any of the above, or maybe in some other manner, please contact the BSD through:

Your help matters!