Welcome to our new website

We are in the process of bringing on-line a new website.

It is a large and complex project.  The new site, when complete, will display much more information but it will also handle membership subscriptions, shop sales, course and event bookings, all of which will interconnect with our accounting system.

Although the software that is being used is well proven, it is nevertheless necessary to install the website in phases so that each can be tested before moving on to the next.  Once that is complete we can move on to staff training in the new systems and to importing revised and new content.  However, all of this can only happen one step at a time.

We ask for your patience while we go through the transitional stages and trust that you will be pleased with the end result.

Meanwhile, if you are experiencing difficulty, please contact us in the office by email at info@britishdowsers.org  or phone on 01684 576969 and we will help you.

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