Whether or not you have previously been a tutor with the BSD, or you are considering becoming a tutor, the process is the same. This is because the approval system is now reliant on the individual student’s evaluation, to ensure that a high standard of teaching is continued and the reputation of the BSD is maintained.

Who should apply

We encourage anyone who has actively used dowsing for at least five years, and has an interest in teaching it, and who feels that they have the skills to impart the theory and practical aspects of the craft. If you are unsure then it would be possible to attend another tutor’s course to gain experience.

Please follow these steps to apply:

  • In order to apply, you need a minimum of five years of active dowsing experience.
  • To apply, use this on-line application form
  • In addition, supply a copy (scan or photo) of insurance certificate.
  • Include an administration fee of £50 (recurring annual fee).
  • The BSD will validate your application and notify you.
  • If successful, you would then conduct three dowsing courses (the three do not have to be the same), chosen from the BSD education curriculum.
  • Following each course, each student will submit a course evaluation form.
  • In addition, you must also complete a tutor self-evaluation form.
  • Following the three-course trial, all of the evaluation forms will be assessed and scored, and you will be notified whether you are deemed suitable to be added to the register, or whether you need some assistance to achieve the required standard.
  • Once accepted onto the register, you will receive a tutor’s certificate.
  • In order to ensure the quality of the teaching, it will be necessary to obtain student feedback following all of your subsequent courses.

How courses are to be advertised

  • Tutor decides what course they wish to run.
  • The tutors are responsible for finding and a suitable venue.
  • The booking of the venue may be done either by the Tutor or the BSD office.
  • Either way, the BSD will pay for the use of the venue (see below).
  • The tutor is responsible for finding an assistant, if needed.
  • The BSD will advertise the course on the website / newsletters / Dowsing Today.
  • The tutor might consider doing additional marketing of their course through ore local means, ideas include: advertising on websites that advertise local events; Eventbrite can also be used to freely advertise events;  placing leaflets in public places.
  • The BSD will take the bookings through the website shop/office.
  • The BSD will provide all administration support eg badges, student certificates, curriculum.
  • In order to run the course,  the income from the number of prospective students must be sufficient to cover the cost of the venue. If the income is less than the cost of the venue, then the course cannot be run in that venue.
  • If a course is run, the BSD will guarantee a tutor fee of £100 per course.
  • At present no additional expenses will be paid, unless the BSD requests a tutor to run a course in a given region. (The Tutor may decline the request).
  • In addition to the £100 fee, the Tutor may earn an additional fee, dependent on the number of students attending the course and the cost of the venue. This additional fee is calculated using the following steps here .
  • After the course the tutor will invoice the BSD for their payment.
  • The students attending the course will be asked to complete the on-line course assessment form, here. The BSD will then review these forms.
  • The Tutor must complete an on-line self-assessment form for the course, here.

Curriculum links

BSD Registered Tutors

The following is the current list of BSD registered tutors.