This year the BSD Symposium is a two day event

This year the BSD Spring Symposium will be a two day event held in the lovely town of Malvern on the weekend of the 4th and 5th May. The Symposium is an opportunity to meet other dowsers, to listen to a range of talks and take part in various activities. 

The event will be held at Malvern Cube, which is a friendly community space that we have hired for the weekend. This venue does not have accommodation on site but there are a number of nearby bed and breakfasts or hotels in Malvern. For more information about accommodation and how to reach the venue, click hereHowever you may like to consider The Abbey Hotel as we are holding the Saturday evening meal here for those that would like to attend.

Malvern also hosts its annual Well Dressing and Water Festival over this weekend.  There are various activities going on in the preceding week. To find out more about this, click here.

Speakers and Workshops

Melinda Iverson Inn – Dowsing the Etheric subtle body and its essential use in a Dowsing first aid kit – Talk & Workshop.

Melinda Iverson Inn, joining us from Hawaii, is a long time BSD member, her talk on Dowsing To Clear Emotional Obstructions at the 2011 conference in Cirencester was well received. Melinda has been working in the subtle body and Spiritual realms for 20 years and was what they call “born aware”. It has taken most of her adult life to come to terms with that gift. In her talk Melinda will share with you her experiences and what she has witnessed with both people and animals receiving assistance from the Etheric realm.

The Etheric body is said to be a bridge between the subtle body and physical reality. One single element in the Etheric body protocols is powerful enough to keep someone out of a more dire health situation, and when used daily can assist in supplying a steady stream of harmonizing and balancing focused energies for those in need of assistance. An essential for every dowsers first aid kit.

Melinda’s workshop will cover the essential protocols used for supplying this vital subtle body energy known as the Etheric body level. By accessing and harmonizing the elements of the Etheric subtle body one can help create and maintain health and wellness in the physical body, and as usual, if there is time, Spirit likes to provide a little something extra for the group.

“Underlying the human body in all its parts is a vehicle called the vital or ‘Etheric” body. It is composed of threads of force. These threads interpenetrate the entire body and the nervous system and are in reality the activating power of the nervous system.” — Alice A. Bailey

Melinda Iverson Inn Subtle Body Dowser Founder: Crystal Constellation Clearings Host of Wisdom Keepers of Earth®

Internationally recognized dowser, intuitive channel and author in the fields of dowsing, self-development. Voted ASD’s (American Society of Dowsers) 2017 Dowser of the Year by her peers, she has devoted her life to spiritual and emotional development through dowsing and is the founder of The Inn Method® Dowsing to Clear Unconscious Obstructions and Crystal Constellation Clearings™ and Host of Wisdom Keepers of Earth YouTube series, now in its second season.

With her warm, witty and clean, energetic style, Melinda has a masterful comprehension of the most critical and deepest trauma issues and offers a depth to better understanding the subconscious mind, giving both the client and the listener an opportunity to acquire clarity in understanding their place in the Universe. When not in private consultations, speaking, teaching, or writing, she enjoys continuing her research with dowsing for raising spiritual awareness through the fields of health and wellness, and communing with both her land and sea dwelling friends. Melinda lives in Hawaii.

Private guidance readings and dowsing masterclasses are available with Melinda. You can instantly download her other books on

David Charman – Energy Viewing – Talk & Workshop.

[Char man a descendant of the charcoal burners of Sussex] Chairperson of the Sussex Dowsers with 25 years dowsing experience. Team member of the Earth Energies group

Energy Viewing is the ability to connect to your soul and open your screen to view sound in the form of colour and some of the shapes created by sound.

David’s talk will take you from Energy Viewing’s beginning to how anyone can see the disturbances behind illness, the clouds of emotion we store around us, disturbances from foods, stored energy from impact injury and burns, and how to re-harmonize them. Also a quick word on how to see energy lines, hot spots, portals, ghost, spirits, elementals and orbs and more.

Sunday’s workshop is aimed at beginners. No tools or special skills are required, you don’t try to imagine. It’s a simple matter of looking out of your forehead with your eyes closed and seeing those strange grainy colours that most of you have seen at some time when you have your eyes shut.

Cecilia Edwards – Sound bath – Workshop.

Sound Meditation is often referred to as a ‘Sound Bath’ as participants are bathed in the Gong’s sound waves. These waves or vibrations allow the mind & body to become more relaxed, helping support the body’s own healing ability. The only water involved is on the inside – our bodies are made of 70% or more water which is a great conductor of sound! As you become immersed in the vibrations of the sound bath it creates inner ripples, like a sonic massage, cleansing the body and mind. Cecilia guides you and holds the space throughout so that you can let go and receive the benefits.

The Power of the Gong
For thousands of years, throughout cultures and religions, legends and myths have been told about sound being the basic creative force, bringing the universe into being. Sound is energy, information and one of the greatest healing forces.
The gong has been used throughout history as a ceremonial and healing instrument. It is believed to have been around for up to 5000 years, since the beginning of the Bronze Age.
The gong induces a holistic resonance in the body and a spontaneous meditative state in the mind, resulting in a sense of expanded awareness and wholeness, and an intense sense of letting go.

What are healing sounds? Can sound really heal you?
Healing sounds are used to calm the mind and body and facilitate an expansion of consciousness, as opposed to the intrusive or jarring sounds we might be exposed to in our everyday environments. Healing with sound frequencies takes place as an interaction between your energies and the energy of the sound, guided by your intention. Sound healing works on a deep, cellular level. For instance, if there are any emotional blockages or physical pain or injuries, the sound of the gong, as it travels around the body, will connect with those blockages and start to work on removing them, allowing for the energy to flow more easily.

About the workshop; Sound baths are a meditative experience where you are laying down (or sitting), warm and relaxed to receive the healing vibrations of gongs and other therapeutic instruments. Cecilia will give an introduction to Gongs and Sound Healings, outlining some of the benefits before leading participants on a Sound Journey of gongs and other instruments. She will be playing up to three gongs, along with crystal bowls and other therapeutic instruments.

Cecilia is a fully insured and certified Sound therapist based in Herefordshire, who has trained with the College of Sound Healing, and offers group sound sessions (locally and online), 1-2-1 treatments, holistic weekend retreats and all-night Gong Pujas for a deeper sound immersion experience. She works with high quality small to large scale Gongs, Crystal and Tibetan bowls as well as other therapeutic instruments. She loves to share and spread positive, healing vibrations which can help relieve stress and anxiety, and bring about mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.


Paul Syrett – Wisdom of Trees and Strictly come Dowsing! –  Workshops.

Paul is an intuitive dowser, healer and geomancer who has trained in a variety of healing modalities across a broad range of subjects. His healing work extends not only to people, but to animals and the land. He also specialises in earth energy work, house and land clearing and balancing and engaging in the natural world around.

A natural, inspirational and motivational speaker with global public speaking and business experience. He regularly gives talks and teaches workshops on a variety of topics.

The magic of the natural world around is something that perhaps has been forgotten but the good news is that we are starting to recognise it again. During this magical workshop, we will focus on how to “be” with a tree! With a focus on consciousness, we will work on helping you to listen and commune with the trees around us. It will be mixture of theory and hands on activity and spending time with some of the wonderful trees to be found in nearby Malvern.

Strictly Come Dowsing!  Make the most of the opportunity to partner with an experienced and intuitive dowser.

Whether you want to learn new skills, test yourself, improve on your existing skill set or just practice what you already know, this workshop will give you an opportunity to focus on all things dowsing.

Have fun, meet new people and grow in your skill and experience as a dowser. The workshop is very informal with a mix of theory and practical application. All equipment will be provided or bring along your own.

Peter Taylor – Remote Map Dowsing – Workshop.

Peter Taylor is a master dowser. His interests are wide, encompassing water divining, dowsing for minerals, oil and gas, healing sick buildings and dealing with geopathic stress and a keen interest in archaeology. He is another long-time member of the British Society of Dowsers. He passes on his wide knowledge through his teaching and media. Although a dowser for more than 35 years, he is not afraid to embrace new techniques that will help his quests.

In Peter’s Workshop, Peter will give a presentation of how to use ‘Google Earth’ to map dowse remotely. Although delegates may have already seen his video on the BSD YouTube Channel where he demonstrates how to locate a water supply, in this session they will be able to try it for themselves in real time on a computer screen. Peter will guide them through the process of connecting to the target area and help them identify and use markers and drawing tools to sketch out a plan.

* Peter has been suffering from ill health over the past number of weeks but has been so looking forward to joining us at the Symposium and presenting a Workshop on Map Dowsing.

Unfortunately, he won’t be able to attend this time but has volunteered to run his Workshop via a Zoom Teleconference so he can explain and answer any questions that delegates may have.

A number of computers and screens will be available for delegates to be shown and practice the use of Google Earth in order to map dowse remotely. A number of BSD volunteers will be on hand to assist Peter in this Workshop.

Barbara Mastropirro – The Game Of Life & How To Play It – Talk & Workshop.

Barbara is a Kinesiologist & Kinesiology teacher, Geomancer, Professional Dowser, Spiritual Ascension & Intuitive mentor, Topologist.

As a multi-faceted Energy Worker and Healing professional, Barabara helps by creating balance in a person’s life who has suffered from physical, energetic, conscious, or spiritual challenges, sharing with them tools and practices to help to sustain change, balance & grace enabling a stronger relationship with themselves, others, and their immediate environment.

In Barbara’s talk and workshop The Game Of Life & How To Play It. You will Learn to navigate your life in the smoothest possible way with the power of your intuition.

Our life is a perfect mirror of yourself. Our thoughts, feelings, beliefs are being mirrored by the world around you.

We are going to explore and identify the subconscious patterns or ingrained habits that make your life more challenging than need being.

The talk and workshop will cover:

  • The five consciousnesses and how to work with them as a collective team
  • Identify the distorted and symmetrical patterns in your life
  • Find your neutral and balance to connect with your intuition
  • Understand the basic principles of energetic alchemy and how to use
  • Know your energetic anatomy and how to clear
  • Clear the distortions you have created to an atomic and cellular level
  • Reclaim and stay in your sovereign state

Grahame Gardner – Talk & Workshop.

Grahame is a professional member and past President of The British Society of Dowsers and in 2014 was awarded the prestigious BSD Award and honorary Life Membership for exceptional services to dowsing and the Society. He is also a member of the Canadian and American Dowsers and is a regular keynote speaker and workshop leader at international conventions. He is a founder member of The Geomancy Group and a founding partner (with Susan Collins of Canada) of, offering global dowsing solutions.
Find out more at:

Talk – Mann, Myth and Mungo
The Cochno Stone and Glasgow’s Secret Geometry
This talk looks at how prehistoric rock art – cup and ring marks, petroglyphs and so on – makes connections to the landscape and the heavens above. Could they be recording astronomical events, maps of landscape or even star charts? Archaeologist Ludovic Mann certainly thought so, when he claimed that the Cochno Stone, just outside Glasgow, was an accurate map of the heavens. His work still resonates down the decades, later inspiring Harry Bell, who mapped out the leys of the Glasgow Network of Aligned Sites in the 1980s. Grahame has carried this same baton for some 40 years and has now decided it’s time to do something with it. Come and dowse some leys with me!

Workshop – Principles of Earth Acupuncture or, ‘How to Pin Your Dragon’.
The Earth has subtle energy meridians that can become stressed and discordant to the human organism. Just like conventional acupuncture on the human body, we can restore balance to these terrestrial meridians by applying similar techniques at nodal points in the matrix.
This practical workshop led by BSD Past President Grahame Gardner will demonstrate how to remediate geopathic stress lines using techniques of earth acupuncture. You will learn how to assess geopathic stress levels using a pendulum, how and where to apply the different ‘needles’ that can be used, and how to check the effectiveness of the work.

Malvern Well Dressing
Well Dressing is an ancient tradition which first took part in Malvern in 1615.  This followed a national drought when the Malvern Springs continued to flow. The wells were then decorated to celebrate and to give thanks. The Malvern Wells and Springs are also famously known throughout the world for their healing properties.  The Well Dressing event takes place over every May Day weekend and also coincides with Malvern Water Festival. This year we have been successful in being allocated a well to dress.We have the ‘Ward Jackson Spout’ as shown in the above image.Each year a theme is given for the well decorating and this year it is Trees. We now need your ideas please on how to decorate the well.  This stays in place for the week of the festival and is judged along side approximately 50 others. 

Come and join us for World Labyrinth Day 4th May and International Dowsing day 5th May
We look forward to seeing you there.

Evening Dinner

Saturday 4th May 2024.

Our evening dinner on Saturday will be held at The Abbey Hotel in Malvern. The hotel is a short walk from Malvern Cube and has easy parking at the rear. 

The Three course meal including a drink on arrival with Tea, Coffee and Mints is £35 per person. 

The hotel also offers accommodation. The cheapest way to book a room is directly through them for a discount when staying for two nights or more. 

The Abbey Hotel :

To book your evening dinner ticket please go to the shop. 


By booking a ticket you are agreeing to us taking photos and filming to use on our website and Dowsing Today. If you would prefer not to appear in photos or film please do let us know when you book.  

Cancellation Policy – In the unfortunate event of anyone having to cancel on or before 13th April there will be a full refund.   If a cancellation is made between 14th April up to 21st April this will be reduced to 50% refund.   No refunds will be available after Sunday 21st April 2024.

Live broadcast – Tickets now AVAILABLE for the Live View

The viewing will continue for the duration of the day’s schedule, to include all of the scheduled talks, but only a selection of the workshops, which the viewer will not be able to choose. 

To book your live View ticket please click the button below.

Photos from our 2023 Symposium at Malvern Cube