Video – George MacKenzie – “Creating conditions for healing to occur”. BSD Symposium, 2023.


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Healing is a natural process. The body wants to heal. George helps as a catalyst to initiate his clients to attain, maintain and retain the natural healing vibration. He uses a simple 2 method process to create healing for both people and horses.

Through the dowsing process and his knowledge of Bioenergy healing he has skilfully merged the two arts and creates an in depth subtle vibrational analysis of his clients, which gives a clear reason behind the symptoms, potential for recovery and a step by step approach to resolution.

In doing so he takes the emphasis off traditional diagnosis and subsequent treatment but seeks to understand his clients issues through understanding vital vibrational aspects exhibited by them.

Through his practice of remote vibrational dowsing and Bioenergy Healing, a hands off healing art he seeks to help the client establish a knew level of health by being a catalyst to acknowledge their present problem and then establish a more nourishing vibration where healing occurs as a natural consequence.

His 25 year experience has seen him witness some remarkable and immediate transformations for his clients, travelling around the UK to share this experience.

Once we understand a symptom is merely a vibrational aspect then resolution becomes possible and with use of both techniques very probable. The body responds to the correct information with immediate effect. The healing process occurs in relation to the symptoms exhibited and the clients improved mind set.