Treating Depression Naturally


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Treating Depression Naturally – How Flower Essences Can Help Rebalance Your Life by Chris Phillips

Feelings of depression are as unique as you are. Whether you find yourself overwhelmed by the strain of day-to-day life, experience extreme anxiety or are dealing with a loss or other traumatic life change, flower essences can effectively help you to manage and overcome negative thoughts and feelings. Helping to restore balance between mind, body and spirit, flower essences can be used to tackle the emotional and mental blockages that often lie at the root of illness. Chris Phillips draws on thirty years’ experience as a flower essence therapist in this accessible, sensitive and practical handbook, helping you to choose individual treatments that will have the best outcome for you. Includes real-life stories and suggested essences for anyone experiencing: obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), low self-esteem, grief and loss, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), hormonal depression, anxiety and many more forms of depression. Easy to browse and filled with insight and inspiration, this book offers a new way to think about and manage your anxiety and depression.