Touchstones for Today


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Ancient standing stones transmit beneficial Earth energies and provide anchor points for the power and spirit of the land. Old traditions of healing, divination, wish fulfillment and fertility associated with certain stones continue to hold currency today. Anyone can tune into Earth’s subtle dimensions with the art of dowsing and other forms of super-sensory attunement. Connecting and interacting, we can improve the feng shui of a place, and gain personal enrichment too! Be inspired to discover for yourself the magical energies associated with both ancient megalithic sites and modern stones of power. Find out how to create energetic stone arrangements for Earth harmony and ritual working with the Sacred Land. Author Alanna Moore has been a geomancer for 30 years, sensing and advising on the energies and spirit of place, teaching internationally, and incorporating knowledge of Earth Mysteries into landscaping and permaculture design. “Will encourage you to create your very own Labyrinth or Stone Circle in your backyard,” Don McLeod, ‘Silver Wheel’.

Alanna Moore