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Practical Dowsing by John Baker is a 40 minute DVD filmed at Saltwood Castle in Kent.

“There is very little information ‘out there’ about Practical Dowsing and this quality DVD will hopefully start to address some of the gaps.

This DVD is not for beginners but people who have some experience of dowsing who would like it to be more ‘day to day’ useful.

It covers useful topics like:-

How to find your way from A to B by dowsing

Plotting out a sub-surface building

Following voids or tunnels

Explore how you can get more out of the amazing ability that many of us are blessed with.

This DVD will open up your life to a fascinating world”

Customer feedback: 

“Watched the DVD with great interest, it has inspired me to try some new things!” Deb – Northumbria

“Well explained and easy to follow, even for a beginner” Tom – Worcestershire

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