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This Brass Karnak Pendulum is 4.5cm long and comes in a mock velvet Pouch.  Bead colour on twine may vary.
The Egyptian Karnak Pendulum is a copy of the sandstone pendulum found in a sarcophagus in Karnak, in `The Valley of the Kings`. This is the site of the greatest sacred complex in the world the Amun Temple. The Karnak pendulum is now made of either wood or brass. Its geometrical form, together with the choice of material, accounts for its very high dowsing sensitivity. This is the best pendulum for use in teleradiesthetics, as well as being useful in tracing water, minerals and metals; controlling foodstuffs; in deciding remedies and their dosage; in the field of medical diagnosis and even in the treatment of imbalances. It has proved to be highly accurate when used for mental testing, and particular success is reported in map dowsing – searching for minerals, water, persons etc. Through its geometrical form the Karnak pendulum constantly emits energy, thereby cleansing itself of energies not of its own making. The brass Karnak should, due to emissions of not solely harmless energy, may be kept in two pieces when not in use, as it will only radiate when in its complete form. Like the Isis pendulum, the Karnak pendulum has a great advantage in that there is a minimal loss of energy by the practitioner. The Karnak pendulum is the dowsing pendulum to use for dealing with objects or persons at a distance, and in view of its high accuracy and numerous applications, has become a very popular tool.