Anyone interested in dowsing may apply to join the Society.

You do not have to be able to dowse, as beginners are always very welcome.  Dowsers are friendly people who are delighted to share their knowledge.

The Society has over 1,400 members across the world.  By joining the Society, you will support the work of the charity and enjoy the benefits of membership which include:

 Our regular journal – ‘Dowsing Today‘: a full colour A4 publication, plus regular email newsletters.  Your window on the dowsing world, we bring you news of all the latest theories, activities and experiences of other dowsers from beginners to expert dowsers.

 Over 30 Local Dowsing Groups around the country, and more in the pipeline, so you can meet other dowsers living near you and share their experiences and events.  We also have numerous members who live outside the UK.

 Access to our Special Interest Events.  Open to all members of the society, they provide you with great opportunities to widen your dowsing horizons in the areas of Archaeology, Earth Mysteries, Health and Water Dowsing.  Dowsing, lectures, workshops and events take place around the country.

 Our Annual Weekend Conference; a wonderful time for dowsers to get together with top speakers, lots of practical workshops to enhance your skills and the chance to make new dowsing friends.

 The BSD website provides lots of useful information and includes a members’ forum for asking questions and exchanging news and views with others.

 Special Deals on Courses.  Our courses take you from beginner level to advanced practitioner in all the main specialities.  You can progress as far as you wish at your own pace.

 Our Shop provides a convenient way to buy the latest dowsing tools and books, with discounts for our members.  Buy online, by mail order, or visit us at the British Society of Dowsers’ offices at the Wyche Innovation Centre,  Malvern,  Worcestershire where you will find a warm welcome.

Dowsing can change your life and your outlook on life – we look forward to welcoming you to The British Society of Dowsers!

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