Use this page to create encrypted link to videos that are included in the pay-per-view scheme.

A customer can currently only purchase a video through PayPal. If they do not have a PayPal account, then they can still purchase the video through PayPal using their credit/debt card. They do not have to create a PayPal account. Also if they choose to purchase with a card, the details they enter for the purchase are NOT stored anywhere. 

After a customer makes a successful purchase, an encrypted link is sent to them via an email. The email subject is “Thank you for purchasing (name of video)” and the email will contain a link (beginning: The email address that is used will depend on how they purchased the video. It will be either the the email address that is associated with their PayPal account, or the email address they entered when they paid by card.

On the device – pc/phone – they wish to watch the video, they click the link in the email and the video becomes visible to play within a special video player window on the webpage that advertises the video.  They may now watch the video as many times as they like within the 48 hour period. They can stop/start the video as necessary. 

The link is only valid for 48 hours and can only be clicked a limited number of times (currently 12). This is to prevent sharing of the link, so that to view a video you must purchase the right to see it. 

The link uses cookies to monitor usage. If they close their browser or restart their PC/phone, the cookies will probably be deleted. In that case when they return to the web page that advertises the video, they will no longer see the video player window, but instead will see the ‘Buy Now’ button. They need to return to the email and click the link to restore the viewer. 

In case the customer has purchased the video, but something goes wrong, then the solution will probably be to create a new link for the video and send it to them. This web page has been provided to help create such links.

Below all of the available videos are listed with a “Buy Now” button. Select the button and you will be directed to PayPal. Here you pay 1p (the minimum payment that PayPal accepts). Make sure that the email is set to either, or an email convenient to you, then after purchase, you will receive an email with the title “Thank you for purchasing (name of video)”. 

Open the email, copy all of the the link (beginning: and send the link in an email to the customer, they should then be able to use the link themselves. This link will also be restricted to 48 hours and 12 clicks.  

Note that the above method could be used to create a link for a customer paying to see the videos using a manual method such as phoning the office and paying over the phone. This has not be advertised to avoid loading more work on to the office.  

Finally, the pay-per-view system uses the plugin “WP eStore”. The settings for this plugin and the “video products” may be accessed from the website Dashboard. To manage the products, select “WP eStore” -> “Manage Products”.


Create links to view the following videos:

Use the buttons below to purchase a video for 1p. This enables you to create a link that will be sent to you and then you can send that same link to a customer.  (Note that the free videos do not need you to create a link)

Rory Duff's talk at 2022 symposium. Rory Duff's talk at 2022 symposium
Guy Hudson Symposium 2022. "Electrosmog and dowsing"
Knight and Wallace Symposium 2022. "Albion Dreamtime – Re-enchanting the Isle of Dragons"
Lynn Osbourne symposium 2022. "Dowsing for beliefs, behaviours and emotions that impact our health and well-being."
Colonel John Blashford-Snell CBE, guest speaker at BSD Conference 2022
Grace Edgar's talk at Conference 2022 - "Learn Map Dowsing with a Professional Dowser"
Guy Hudson's talk at Conference 2022 - "Dowsing for water in Zambia and South Africa".
Ron Dudley Smith's talk at Conference 2022 - "The Rollright stones and the 'Bosnian Pyramids' "
Sean Ferris's talk at Conference 2022 - "Transitioning into the Silver Age"
Trish Mills's talk at Conference 2022 - "The Interconnectedness of All Things by John Gibson-Forty"
Guy Bridger's talk at the 2022 BSD Symposium: "About Radionics"
Donovan Wilkins, The Diviner TV series
Roy Talbot - 'Farming 82'
Hans-Dieter Betz
The Spirit of the Serpent