Peter Knight's and Sue Wallace's talk at the BSD Symposium 2022
"Albion Dreamtime – Re-enchanting the Isle of Dragons"

About their talk

Albion Dreamtime – Re-enchanting the Isle of Dragons.

We welcome authors Sue and Peter, as they share their Questing to Albion’s liminal, natural sacred places. Across Britain they chanted, drummed, dowsed and meditated, to re-enchant these numinous places, which included waterfalls, ancient forests, dark caves and rocky outcrops. It was to such Dreamtime places that early hunter-gatherers came to contact Spirit. Sue and Peter
look at Albion’s myths and how people were once deeply connected to Nature, and how mankind has over-complicated spirituality since the Mesolithic. They make a passionate plea to visit ancient natural places at this pivotal time of climate change. The talk includes live drumming and videos.

Peter and Sue are environmentalists, and lead shamanic and mindfulness tours and workshops. Between them they have published 13 books about megalithic sites, ley lines, and ancient wisdom. They help people to dowse earth energies, meditate at megalithic sites and in caves, as well as to feel the power of the acoustic properties of Neolithic chambers and caves using shamanic drumming. Through their work, they explain how ancient people were symbiotically connected to the landscape. Through a better understanding of ancient wisdom, we can all reconnect with our landscapes and the earth in a more fulfilling way.

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