Your Healing Power


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This is a practical guide for all those who wish to find out about healing, to work on themselves, or to work professionally as healers. The book shows how to understand and develop the energies of healing and awaken your own healing abilities. Throughout, the author – one of Britain’s most respected spiritual healers and teachers – provides case histories, easy-to-follow exercises and diagrams. He shows you how to develop your powers and heal others, and gives practical information and advice on how to plan a healing session and run a healing practice. Written by one of Britain’s most respected spiritual healers and teachers, it includes; * Exercises to help develop an understanding of the human body and work with its energies. * Explanations of the nature of diseases and the role of the mind and emotions in healing. * Detailed instructions on how to heal others and how to run a healing practice. This fully illustrated and comprehensive guide can be used as a self-healing manual, as a reference book for healers, and also a workshop text. It is essential reading for all NFSH trainging courses.

Jack Angelo