Video – Vicky Sweetlove – “We are all ‘earth keepers’ of our homes and land”. BSD Symposium, April 2023.


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Vicky in her talk will take you through the connections we can all have as being “Earth Keepers” in our homes and on the land we live.  She has been working as a professional dowser/geomancer for over 28 years working and consulting with healing and harmonising the geopathic stress energies of peoples homes, offices and the land, space clearing and traditional feng shui.  She also teaches Dowsing and Space Clearing and Earth Energy Practitioner courses as well as Feng Shui Practitioner Courses.

In this talk Vicky will explore the different types of energies in and around your home, how the elementals, spirit of place and mother earth, show you the signs and synchronicities that are quite often missed.   These are being shown to you, in your everyday life but as your mind is no longer “seeing, sensing or hearing” the messages from the energies of the other realms that we live with daily, then you are missing the vital messages to live in harmony with mother earth and the land we live on as technology has affected our connection to these realms. When we listen and take notice of the messages we are given then we can live in harmony with our homes, the land and the environment.  The small actions that we take in our homes, to make changes that are in harmony with all the “beings” that are in our surroundings then it can act as a butterfly effect that can vibrate around the world and these small actions can then draw on the universal consciousness around the world.

Vicky will also show you the “magical” signs and synchronicities she has received since she was a young girl.   She now shares the messages she receives with her clients, and for her own home and the solutions she has been provided with and how we can implement these into our own lives.