Video – Guy’s talk at the BSD Symposium 2022 – “ElectroSmog”




Guy's talk at the BSD Symposium 2022 - "ElectroSmog"

Dowsers are deliberately hyper-sensitive, it is part of the training. This can make us more susceptible to unwanted sensitivities such as food, chemicals and electromagnetic fields. Dowsers are thus more likely to suffer from the myriad symptoms of electro-sensitivity.

Since every cell and every part of our bodies are affected, electro-sensitivity can be associated with almost any symptom. This is one of the reasons the medical profession has difficulty in diagnosing the condition.

What do we look for as EMF surveyors? Geopathic energy, low frequency electric and magnetic field from the mains supply, electrical fittings, high frequency microwaves from wireless technologies. We also look for distortion in the mains wiring – dirty electricity. When meters can’t detect anything, as dowsers we can turn to our own bodies as detectors to get to the bottom of a problem.  We then search for ways of reducing our exposure to these fields. Standby for questions and discussion!

You may watch a short excerpt by clicking here.

Running time:  65 minutes.