This Rabbit is Constipated


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When renowned animal healer Ann Lodygowski visited Slimbridge Dowsing Group in August 2010, members brought along a ‘witness – a piece of fur, feather, hair or mane – for Ann to dowse and see if their pets were healthy and happy. On dowsing a piece of Flora’’s fur, Ann quickly divined the poor thing was having problems with her teeth, and announced in ringing tones, ‘’This rabbit is constipated!’’ The title for our book was born.

Together with Book 2, ‘It’s Around Here Somewhere’ we cover the years from 2007 to 2015, and include many excellent speakers including Ann Lodygowski, George Applegate, Peter Golding, Joey Korn, John Gibson-Forty, Aaron Bray, Dr Patrick MacManaway, Dr Helen Ford, Jan van der Elsen, Seve Dawson, Jon Martin, Kelly Peacey, Laurence Main, Gary Biltcliffe & Caroline Hoare, Susan Hale & Ian Woodcock, Celia Gunn, Maria Wheatley, Rory McQuisten/Duff, John Baker, Yuri Leitch, Barry Goldring, Peter Knight & Sue Wallace, and many others.