The Interconnectedness Of All Things – Tenth Anniversary Edition


Tenth Anniversary Edition

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The Interconnectedness of All Things

From the Perpetual Choirs to the Present Day

John Gibson Forty

In a nutshell, the Perpetual Choirs in Britain were three choirs, comprised of early monks, saints or druids, some 2,000+ years ago, that maintained ceaseless chanting on a rolling rota basis, 24/7, for the ongoing enchantment of Britain.

They created a massive remanence, and John Gibson Forty and his friend Peter Watson dowsed their entire area of influence and found, superimposed on a map, it formed a Decagon, a 10-sided 10-pointed geometric colossus, with 10 lines emanating from its centre like the spokes of a wheel, plus the circumference, making 11 lines altogether.

Intriguingly, the Three Choirs are still referred to in the area today, as in the Three Choirs Festival, in turn at either Gloucester, Worcester or Hereford cathedrals. And the Three Choirs Vineyard near Newent.

John is convinced everything results from sound and its vibrations, from sacred geometry (based on numbers) to the building of the pyramids. He found independently documented cases of levitation of massive stones in Tibet, where musicians took just five minutes to raise a carved stone 820 feet up a cliff face. And other examples closer to home.

This is probably one of the greatest dowsing achievements since divining began, covered a massive area, and proved beyond doubt the interconnectedness of all things.