It’s Around Here Somewhere


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We’ve had some excellent speakers at Slimbridge Dowsing group, and some wonderful talks. They have been faithfully written up for the local Gazette, which has kindly published almost all of them. They also appear on our website. This is our second book of reports from the front row, covering the years from 2011 to 2015. Written with a light touch and a smattering of humour, this is a sunny book offering the chance to learn more about dowsing in an entertaining way. It is also an excellent resource for other dowsing groups seeking ideas for speakers as there is variety in plenty. From Animal Healing to the Glastonbury Zodiac, archaeological dowsing to water divining, with earth energies and sacred geometry thrown in, and a little ‘Ankhy Panky’ for good measure, Slimbridge Dowsing group is one of the most active and leading-edge groups in the country. Once you’ve learned to dowse, it becomes a way of life, something to turn to at every opportunity, great for finding things and, when appropriate, even for making decisions. What ever the question, it’s around here somewhere!

Trish Mills