Dowsing Surveys and Plans of Cumbria


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Dowsing Surveys and Plans of the Castlerigg Complex and Long Meg & Her Daughters Stone Circles of Cumbria by Paul Daw.

Cumbria has 109 stone circles, more than any other county in England; and with Castlerigg and Long Meg & Her Daughters, the county possesses two of the finest stone circles in the country. In terms of visitor numbers, Castlerigg is only slightly behind Stonehenge (1.1 million visitors per year) and Avebury, which has about half a million visitors annually. Castlerigg is a close third. Although attracting less visitors than Castlerigg, Long Meg & Her Daughters is no less impressive, and is fully deserving of more visitors, with its large stones and massive diameter of 115 metres. Using dowsing rods, the author has discovered two additional stone circles at Castlerigg, and has located the position of the second stone circle at Long Meg and Her Daughters recorded by William Stukeley in 1727. This book contains dowsing survey plans of both sites and colour photographs, as well as information about the satellite circles near Long Meg and her Daughters. This is a valuable reference for the keen stone circles enthusiast. Plans of other stone circles in Cumbria and elsewhere in England can be found in the author;s others publications, Dowsing Plans of the Stone Circles and Henges in England, and Avebury Dowsing Survey report.

Paul Daw