Dowsing Lifestyle Changes To Improve Your Health


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This workbook has been designed to help dowsers empower themselves to improve their holistic health through lifestyle changes. Holistic health is defined as our health and well-being at all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Dowsing (and muscle testing) is a very practical way to identify those lifestyle choices that are beneficial or detrimental to our long-term holistic health. The concept recognises that we are all unique and that the only person who truly knows what is best for us is ourselves. Our sub conscious is the store of this knowledge, and this can very easily be accessed through dowsing. Stress in our modern life is now commonplace. The body needs a rhythm and some stress response in our lives is essential to help us cope with extreme circumstances. Stress has, however, often become the norm rather than the exception and our bodies can be subject to constant stress. Such excess stress will weaken our immune system etc. and lead to ill health – if not today then probably “tomorrow”. Anything that places a burden on our body is a stressor. There is much current expert opinion that is identifying such stressors – today’s headline is that eating potatoes can damage your health. Do we all stop eating potatoes just in case, or do you dowse yourself to see if it is true for you. This is an introductory workbook which will hopefully identify some significant stressors in your lifestyle that can easily be dealt with by simple changes to that lifestyle. Expert opinion knows that such changes can improve our health and longevity – it just doesn’t know which ones are best for you.

Barry Witton