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Welcome to Bluestone Country! The largely ruinous collection of dolmens, standing stones, stone rows and circles scattered over the Preseli landscape seems not to have anything to say to us today. The megalithic imprint on the land appears to have no bearing on modern life. Archaeologists have catalogued and dated the monuments over the past few centuries, but the big questions remain unanswered: why were so many megalithic structures built and what were they for? why were they located where they were? Almost a century ago a geological scientist identified that many of the bluestones at Stonehenge had originated from the Preseli Hills. Were these stones really carried over 250 miles, and, if so, why? This guide enables our megalithic heritage to communicate with us, often in astonishing ways. Sites come alive and are seen to relate to the sun and moon at key dates in the calendar while some are geometrically linked to others, often miles apart. Even more remarkable is the evidence that these shapes, 1000 years older than Stonehenge, exert a continuing influence over social and cultural changes here, in the land of the bluestones.

Robin Heath