Bach Flower Remedies for Animals


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This is the book that you and your animal friends have been waiting for. Written by experts to meet popular demand, this comprehensive guide explains how Dr Bach’s famous flower remedies can help animals of all shapes and sizes. The remedies can be used to treat dogs, cats horses – all animals, whether in the home, on the farm or in the wild. Whether you are caring for a hound or a hamster, you will discover how particular remedies or combinations of remedies suit different animal temperaments. You will also learn how to use the remedies effectively and how to read animal behaviour so that you can understand what your pets are trying to communicate to you. Brimming with insights from professional animals behaviourists, and packed full of helpful advice, Bach Flower remedies for Animals includes heart-warming case studies throughout, making this book a must for any animal lover.

Stefan Ball & Judy Ramsell Howard