Avebury Dowsing Survey Report


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This book challenges the currently held view of English Heritage that the Great Avebury Circles Henge contained two equal-sized stone circles of about 100 yards (91.5 metres) diameter, but no other internal features. This was the view held by William Stukeley, who visited Avebury many times in the 18th century, although it is more likely that the plan of the Avebury Great Circle Henge drawn by John Aubrey in 1663, some 60 years earlier, was a more accurate interpretation of the site, as he had many more stones to look at, since some were removed in the intervening period. My dowsing surveys suggest that there were eight internal stone or timber circles, two internal henges and four rows of standing stones at Avebury, typical of other great henges at Durrington Walls, Marden, Mount Pleasant, and Duggleby Howe, where several internal features have been found. Over the last 17 years, the author has surveyed the stone circles and henges of England, and since 2007 he has used dowsing rods to indicate the predicted position of many missing stones that have been lost over the centuries, and in the case at Avebury, either buried or broken up and re-used in the building of walls, churches and cottages. The book contains photographs and plans of the new finds at Avebury, which show that it was a very complex site, and fully worthy of its World Heritage status.

Paul Daw