Annual Conference and AGM 2021

Start: 2nd October 2021 9:30 am
End: 3rd October 2021 4:45 pm
Address: Worcester Racecourse Conference Centre, Severn Terrace, Worcester WR1 3EH
Phone: 01684576969


Our Annual Conference and AGM will take place on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd October 2021 and will be held at The Croft Suite, Worcester Racecourse Conference Centre, Pitchcroft, Worcester, WR1 3EH.
Come and join us and be inspired by our informative speakers and enjoy the company of fellow dowsers.
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We regret that the price for the Conference this year, which will include a buffet lunch, morning and afternoon tea/coffee, has had to be increased. The cost for each day is now;
Member ~ £95.00 Non-Member ~ £ 105.00

If you have previously booked for a postponed one-day event, please make a top-up payment. Otherwise, please purchase a ticket. In either case, select the day(s) on which you wish to use your tickets. To make payment, please use one of the buttons below, choosing those relevant to your membership. You may also make the same purchases through the Shop. In that case, when in the Shop, select the “Conference” button to see the options.


The closing date for booking is 1.00pm Monday 20th September 2021.

For further information please visit our website:, email, or telephone 01684 576969.

We look forward to welcoming you.


Saturday 2nd October 2021

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Sunday 3rd October 2021

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The Programme

The Programme is shown below but may be subject to change.

Saturday 2nd October
09:30am – 10:00am ~ Registration
10:00am    Welcome ~ Trustees
10:15am    Speaker ~ John Baker
“Castles, Characters and Cock-ups,
30 years of practical dowsing”
11:30am    Refreshment break
12:00pm    AGM
13:00pm    Lunch
02:00pm    Workshop ~ Jim Doyle
“Creating new futures from the history of the past”
An interactive workshop using case studies from the audience.  Or
Speaker ~ Peter Taylor
“Earth Energies – Denbigh Castle – time zones & transformation”
03:00pm    Refreshment break
03:30pm    Workshop ~  John Baker
“Practical Dowsing No1”     Or
Workshop ~ Barbara Mastropirro,
“Kinesiology – How to self muscle test ourselves”
4.30pm      Closing address – Trustees

Sunday 3rd October
09:30am – 10:00am ~ Registration
10:00am    Welcome ~ Trustees
10:15am    Speaker ~ Lorne Mitchell
“Dowsing In Service to the Hive”
11:15am    Refreshment break
11:45am    Speaker ~ Andre Sutherland
“Dowsing, Geomancy and Architecture”
12:45pm    Lunch
01:45pm    Speaker ~ Jim Doyle
“Using full spectrum dowsing to
find the root cause of complex problems”
02:45pm    Refreshment break
03:15pm    Workshop ~  Lorne Mitchell
“Developing Circles”    Or
Workshop ~ John Baker
“Practical Dowsing No2”
04:15pm    Closing address – President



The Presenters


John Baker discovered the ability to dowse in 1993, quite by chance and embarked on a great new adventure initially working with local archaeologists as he needed proof that what he was ‘picking up’, did in fact exist and was not the result of feverish imagination. It wasn’t!!
Older human habitations usually required access to a well for themselves and animals. This led to trying to find out if the well tapped into an underground spring or aquifer.
Things then moved on to finding water and other utility pipes. The fascination with water and how to access it grew year by year. Demand for a private water supply is increasing.
As well as recently producing a DVD showing how dowsing works, John has also been involved in five T.V programmes from BBC 2 to Sky and has published a book, ‘Adventures of a 21st. Century Dowser’. He has also worked in Portugal, France, Holland, Belgium and two enjoyable trips to Guernsey.
Currently, John a professional water diviner helps people with leaks, lost pipes, ’lost’ wells, and finding boreholes. In other words, problem-solving. His work takes him to large companies, private individuals, and from a castle to a terrace house. All his clients have done well for themselves in their lives yet they are all aware of the efficacy of dowsing.
John believes that more people should take up this aspect of dowsing which increases the public’s general awareness and respect for the subject as a practical job.




Lorne Mitchell spent 9 years in the British Army followed by a career in the telecoms / IT & management consulting industries where he worked for BT, MCI, AT&T, PwC and IBM in a number of executive roles. In 2004 he started keeping bees having studied beekeeping and attending a few courses. He very rapidly came to the conclusion that the bees hadn’t read any of the books that he had read and that there was a whole world of unexplored magic associated with the world of the honeybee that is virtually unknown. Lorne was introduced to Dowsing when he read the book “One Man’s Way” written by Jim Scott-Elliott. Jim was the father of his brother’s godfather – (work that one out!) On reading the book, he became fascinated that he had the talent to be able to “divine”, or dowse and started to apply the skills to find things that were lost. Sometimes it worked. Other times, (mostly) it did not! Aside from being a part-time dowser, Lorne is also an amateur beekeeper and keeps a blog about honeybees. When someone called John Harding posted on his site that most beekeepers were killing their bees, Lorne became fascinated by the idea that dowsing could save honeybees. This talk presents this idea in a light-hearted and informative manner by narrating his personal journey with a number of true stories.
His afternoon workshop will involve developing circles using our intuition.





Barbara Mastropirro is a qualified Kinesiologist, Geomancer and Intuitive mentor. She joined the BSD Professional Register in 2019. She is currently based in Chingford, close to Epping Forest but is hoping to move very soon to beautiful Somerset. Before becoming a Kinesiologist in 2017, Barbara spent 15 years in the City of London running International Law Firms.

She works both in-person and remotely in all her modalities. Recently she successfully ran her first foundation Kinesiology teaching training and is planning to run the second in the very near future.

Kinesiology is an energy modality used to detect imbalances and the relevant corrections such as nutritional supplementation, lymphatic massages, clearing the body’s meridians, re-energizing the chakras, clearing traumas stored at cellular memories from present or past lives; the key tool is muscle testing. Barbara compares muscle testing with dowsing, instead of using rods or pendulums, she uses the body’s muscles as dowsing tools.

During the workshop, Barbara will demonstrate how Kinesiology muscle testing works and will teach us how to accurately self-muscle test ourselves.




Jim Doyle has been a keen dowser and trained energy healer for 18 years.
He focuses on health, mindset, and environmental issues, particularly on ancestral influences.
A former research manager, Jim is always keen to get to the root cause of “problems” and uses this approach to identify the root cause(s) of any problem, before clearing them.
Full-spectrum dowsing is looking at the bigger picture rather than the presented problem.
A symptom is often presented as a problem, in reality, the root cause may be decades or generations previously.
The source of unhealthy property energy may be miles and centuries from the symptom
When the root cause is resolved, the symptoms usually reduce or disappear.
Jim will share some case histories through time and space demonstrating the often unlikely causes of everyday problems.




Peter Taylor will be showing how he finds and locates bad energies in Denbigh Castle in North Wales & explains how he uses google earth to change these into good energies. This is known as the transformation of energies. He will also show how he dowses back to the time when these energies were first created eg. the 18th Century. Once he has reached the correct time zone he can change it all the way through right the way up to today’s world.




Andre Sutherland runs his own architectural practice and is developing a new approach to architecture that uses dowsing and geomancy to improve people’s wellbeing. His talk will be about his approach to assess a site, dowsing, geomancy, and the use of Feng Shui to analyze buildings and the surrounding area. His work seeks to be sympathetic to the earth’s positive energies, as well as cleansing and rebalancing existing buildings. This removes their negative effects and improves the area to make people feel better in their surroundings. His work is based upon years of extensive research, training, and studying this craft to cultivate a deep and sensitive understanding of working in this field. He trained for 3 years as a Kinesiologist to research holistic health in treating the body. Kinesiology combines the interaction of nutrition, emotions, the physical body, and the flow of electrical energy through Chinese acupuncture meridians. This informed further study into subtle electronic and magnetic flows of the Earth’s energies, dowsing, and the implications for people and places. This specialist research gave him an understanding of earth acupuncture, geomancy, and Feng Shui; culminating in his ability to clear geopathic stress, rebalance negative energy that affects a person, and the creation of a new type of architecture that uses the energy of a place to enhance the wellbeing of people. He will also present a project that is currently being designed for an underground health Spa in the countryside. This will include ley lines, the energy of the land, and the integration of the Spa with the landscape.