Are you looking for a dowser to help you?

In accordance with its charitable objectives, The Society maintains a Register of Professional Dowsers for the benefit of anyone who is seeking the services of a dowser for any purpose.

This Register includes members of the Society who have provided references from clients or patients or such other evidence as the Council of the Society deemed appropriate.  They will/may charge for their services and you should discuss this with them before entering into any contract.


Name: Gaye Annand
Area: UK & Worldwide
Specialism: Map Dowsing.  Dowsing for the Health of Individuals and Animals.  Testing for food intolerances and allergies.

Name: Elizabeth Brown
+377 9777 1929
07974 918927
Area: UK & Worldwide
Specialism: Identification of causative factors behind illness and disease – specialising in cancer, autoimmune disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome and allergies.  Works at distance or on site and travels globally. 

Professional dowser and author of the internationally best-selling and award-winning book, DOWSING – The Ultimate Guide for the 21st Century, Elizabeth has been dowsing for 30 years.  With clients in more than 30 countries, she works on-site or at distance with private clients and in support of doctors, dentists and health professionals in identifying causative factors behind ill health — particularly cancer, autoimmune disease, ME, skin disorders and conditions that have no orthodox label.  Her groundbreaking work in the field of Causative Diagnosis® has transformed many hundreds of lives. Elizabeth’s credits include:  The Times, Daily Telegraph, Natural Health Magazine, Kindred Spirit, Integrated Cancer & Oncology Magazine, and Channel 4 Television.

Name: Paul Craddock
01202 462762
Area: UK & Worldwide
Specialism: Dowsing and treatment of Geopathic Stress.

Name: Richard Creightmore
East Sussex
01825 713836
Area: UK & Worldwide
Specialism: Dowsing and treatment of Geopathic Stress.  Dowsing for Water Sources.  Dowsing for the health of individuals using relevant treatment.

Name: Sare Doughty-Bassett
01737 241951
Area: S E England
Specialism: Earth Energies. Solutions and advice to improve sites via visit or plan. Treatment via Earth Healing, Feng Shui, space clearing and release work, Electromagnetic and modern technology advice.Creating sacred space. Healer. Tutor.

Name: Jim Doyle
07711 330211
Area: UK & Worldwide
Specialism: Dowsing and elimination of Geopathic stress, including electrcal and electromagnetic stress, entities and elemental energies.  1 year warrenty on projects.  As a professional Energy Healer I quickly bring individuals to wholeness and health.

Name: Grahame Gardner
Area: UK
Specialism: Location & treatment of Geopathic & Technopathic Stress. EMF surveys, spirit release. Dowsing for water sources. Creating sacred spaces.

Grahame is a Life Member and Past President of The British Society of Dowsers (2008-2014), and is also a member of the Canadian and American dowsing societies, a founder member of The Geomancy Group and co-founder (with Susan Collins) of, offering global dowsing solutions. He is a regular speaker and workshop leader at international conferences.

As a professional geomancer, Grahame’s specialties include:

  • Remedial geopathic stress work for homes and offices
  • Spirit release of human discarnates, and working to resolve problems with non-human entities and nature spirits affecting a property.
  • Technopathic stress work involving electromagnetic and microwave surveys using scientific instruments; consultations and advice on reducing exposure to these radiations.
  • Dowsing for and consulting on new sacred spaces, particularly labyrinths, stone circles and standing stones.
  • Dowsing for water sources and geothermal pumps
  • Workshops and talks on dowsing and geomancy-related subjects.

More details and contact information can be found at

Grahame spent about 4 hours at our place and paced thru our summer jungle uncomplainingly. He was very professional, open and helpful about what he was doing and answered our many questions. We both found our home felt quite different after he had been, quieter and more peaceful ... We have no hesitation in recommending Grahame.
Grahame was very professional and conducted a very full survey ... and replied to all my queries very knowledgeably home now feels a much more calm and peaceful place to live.
The house feels lighter. My daughter noticed a difference on her return here after two months.
Thank you for coming last week ... the house feels great now - especially the main bedroom. It's a new house!

Name: Sara Greenwood
07894 718074
Area: Cornwall, Home Counties, and UK
Specialism:  The identification, remediation and harmonising of geopathic and geospychic stress within living spaces, work places and land. Offering individualised consultations to work towards achievement of your goals and to support well-being. Identification of technopathic stress (e.g. WiFi, Microwave, etc), using scientific instruments and provision of advice on protection and shielding. Creation of sacred space.

Sara has a varied background of experience from which she is able to harvest a unique combination of skills and knowledge to assist and inform her work. Her early training was as an environmental biologist, with many years experience of managing conservation & environmental education projects; also co-founding and developing a social and therapeutic horticulture charity, and working within and for eco-therapy and well-being organisations. Through these she has cultivated a sensitivity and a deep connection to the land, and an understanding of how places and people interact. Sara learned to dowse as a teenager, and over her lifetime has built upon this foundation with formal training in geomancy, mindfulness and a wide range of healing modalities, to develop the skills and experience necessary to practise professionally.

She is a founder member and former Chair of the Geomancy Group – a professional peer support group for practising geomancers.


Name: Anna Guerrier
Area: Worldwide
Specialism: Dowsing for the Health of Individuals

Name: Lynn Holdship
01952 660254
Area: England, Israel & New Zealand
Specialism: Dowsing for the health of individuals specialising in nutrition and allergies.  Dowsing for the health of animals

Name: Veronica Hufford
01480 450920
Area: East Anglia
Specialism: Dowsing and treatment of Geopathic Stress and healing of sick buildings. Now using donations as method of payment. Visiting East Anglia. Working remotely from home.

Name: Ced Jackson
West Midlands
Area: England and Wales
Specialism: Dowsing for Geopathic Stress and dowsing for the health of individuals.

Name: Dr Patrick MacManaway
Area: UK & Worldwide
Specialism: Healing, space clearing, geopathic stress remediation, spirit release, enhancement and optimization of energies for individuals, families, domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural properties.


Dr Patrick MacManaway
3rd Generation practitioner, Past-President of BSD.

Services: Support for business enterprises and projects of all kinds.
Long distance and on-site work available in UK, USA, Australia and Worldwide.
Available for consultation and coaching in person, by telephone and skype.

Name: Carla Miles-Robinson
Area: Uk & Worldwide
Specialism: Dowsing and treatment of Geopathic Stress and location of good energy spots.  On site and distance work from plans and maps.  Feng shui consultant.

Name: Anne Morley
West Sussex
01903 784263
Area: UK & Worldwide
Specialism: Dowsing for the health of animals; identifying sensitivities deficiences and finding remedies.  Dowsing for the Health of Individuals; identifying food and environmental sensitivities and solutions and supporting body systems.

Name: Suzi Morris
07786 900713
Area: UK
Specialism: Dowsing and treatment of Geopathic Stress.  Healing houses and Spirit Release

Name: John Moss
01736 740093
Area: On-site dowsing – West Cornwall.  Map dowsing – UK
Specialism: Geopathic Stress, identification and treatment.  Spirit Release. Advice about Electro-stress (WIFI etc).  Advice on creation of sacred space.  I have been teaching dowsing for the Society and privately since 2003.

Name: Lynn Osborne
Dowsing With Soul
Nr Ludlow, South Shropshire UK
01584 892049
Area:  I have a place in Bitterley Nr Ludlow, South Shropshire where I see clients, and also work remotely with people all over the world. 

Specialism: I use Dowsing in a Multi-Dimensional Way – Physical Health, Emotions, Mind and Soul.  Investigating causes of dis-ease, health issues, non-beneficial belief patterns and emotions, and investigating areas that are blocking full expression of your true self.  I also use dowsing to find the optimum ways to change for each individual.

I teach a variety of dowsing courses related to my experiences and findings over many years.  Please check out my website for further information

Name: Sarah Payne
01473 738038
Area: UK & Worldwide
Specialism:  Using Crystal Therapy to find alternative solutions to ill health, providing greater clarity and calmness in life.  Balancing the energies of a home or business property to the occupants and to the land post Geopathic and GeoEmotional Stress.  A fascinating journey into your Past Lives with Past Life Regression to find out who you have been before with therapeutic value for this life.

Name: Anthony Philipson
Isle Of Wight
07917 833023
Area:         Isle of Wight, UK & Europe.
Specialism:  Dowsing for Water & Dowsing for the health of individuals and animals using various techniques.
Location of sub-surface features including leaks, utilities, pipes & drains.
Remote dowsing UK and worldwide using maps for distance dowsing to locate lost pets. But this often proves challenging because they are on the move and may not want to be found.

I have been a Professional Dowser for 25 years and specialise in the identifying and harmonising of Geopathic Stress in domestic and business environments

Fees:  The fees are like all of us, individual. It really does depend on how long the work takes me and where the premises is, I am always happy to discuss the costs with clients and do offer an initial free consultation to make sure that I can help them.

Name: Chris Phillips
07785 790771
Area: UK & Worldwide
Specialism: Dowsing for the Health of individuals using flower essences.

Name: Kate Quartermaine
01244 535 686
Area: UK
Specialism: Health dowsing, looking at factors on all levels.  I work with various techniques, if and when appropriate, including healing, flower and other remedies, nutritional assessment and advice, allergy testing and detoxification support, Bowen technique.

Name: Roy & Ann Procter
01458 223215
Area: UK & Worldwide
Specialism: Working remotely, Roy and Ann undertake a dowsed assessment of your home or workplace for geopathic stress and for any “presences” affecting. They then offer healing treatment where necessary.

Name: David Rogers
01600 869064
Area: UK & Worldwide
Specialism: Dowsing and treatment of Geopathic Stress and associated problems to create Happy Homes (for people and animals) and healthy business environments.

Name: Deborah Rye
Area: UK & Worldwide
Specialism: Dowsing and Treatment of Geopathic Stress.  Dowsing for the health of individuals.

Name: Sue Scott Powell
PENN, Near Beaconsfield
01494 813214
Area: UK & Worldwide
Specialism:  I have been involved with healing worldwide for the past 40 years, following a serious illness which was the catalyst to my healing journey.

Specialism:  I have been involved with healing worldwide for the past 40 years, following a serious illness which was the catalyst to my healing journey.

I use dowsing to determine the absorption level of vitamins, minerals, tissue salts, oils and other nutrients which the body needs to operate effectively. By addressing the problems of inherited pre-dispositions, chemical toxins, emotional trauma, miasms and other inherited and negative blocks which have become “stuck”, the body is able to return to optimal health.

I also believe that the presence of Geopathic Stress is a major cause of  illness in the home and it is important to address this issue along with any other negative influences before the personal healing can start.

I am able to work with clients remotely using, photographs, and floor plans and have a client base all over the world.

I was pleased to receive a personal Award from the BSD for my work in setting up the Thames Valley Dowsers Group, who also won the BSD Award in 2017 for the best Affiliated Group. With upwards of 60 members, we arrange monthly talks and field trips and hold regular teaching sessions for beginners.

Name: Susan Skinner
01277 353554
Area: UK & Worldwide
Specialism: Dowsing and treatment of Geopathic Stress.  Dowsing for Electromagnetic stress.  Spirit Release.

Name: Peter Stott
01926 851898
07989 675 971
Area: UK & Europe
Specialism: Harmonising of detrimental energies, including Geopathic Stress

I have been a Professional Dowser for 25 years and specialise in the identifying and harmonising of detrimental energies of all kinds in domestic and business environments.  These detrimental energies include Geopathic Stress, predecessor energy, electromagnetic fields, microwaves (mobile phones) and ‘uninvited guests’ from the spirit world.

I prefer to work on site where I can demonstrate the changes that occur following my work, but my work is also effective when working remotely.

The following is a testimonial, which is typical of the changes that my clients experience following an energy clearing.

“Well, I cannot believe that it is only two weeks since you cleared the house, it seems so much longer. The first thing that I noticed was a palpable silence and quietness, even though it has always been a quiet and peaceful house to me. I have had music on a lot less, and just want quiet and stillness. The next major thing I noticed was that I do not wake up aching any more. I used to wake most mornings feeling very achy, which I had put down to my physical job and possibly that my mattress was coming to the end of its life. I would say that after the clearing I slept more for about a week, but now my energy seems to have improved greatly and I am extremely active, more active than for many years.”

I work closely with alternative health professionals who identify Geopathic Stress in their clients, which is preventing their treatments from being effective.  This work takes me all over the United Kingdom and I also work in Europe and other parts of the world.

I have been teaching dowsing and the treatment of detrimental energies for many years both for the Society and privately.

I was one of the first Feng Shui practitioners to be accredited by the Feng Shui Society and I am a Source Energy Healing practitioner.

Please contact me either by phone or email for a preliminary discussion to see how I can help.

Name: Vicky Sweetlove
Area: Working in the UK and Worldwide, site visits and remote work for homes and businesses
Specialism: Vicky consults onsite and remotely for the treatment of Geopathic Stress and earth energy abnormalities carrying out earth acupuncture and other techniques to harmonise the energies of homes and offices.  She carries out dowsing for the health of people,  places and animals.

She also carries out Technopathic Stress surveys  to measure Electro Magnetic Field radiation with scientific meters and offers advice on reducing exposure to WiFi and electrical devices within our home and office environments. 
Dowsing for water for farms, homes and golf courses for suitable water sources and water leaks.  She has also been involved in water art projects, one of which was dowsing the old rivers of London.    She is a qualified Shaman, spirit release practitioner and a Feng Shui consultant.
She can be contacted at  and

Name: Melinda Iverson Inn
Area: United States and Worldwide
Specialism: Dowsing for the Health of Individuals using Energetic Healing systems.

Name: Kit Temple
07555 155 172
Area: UK & Worldwide
Specialism: Dowsing for the health and wellbeing of individuals.