Dowsing Today

Date: 20th October 2021

There have been many problems faced by the society over the year, but efforts are being made to produce the next edition of Dowsing Today before the end of the year and to bring publication back to normal again in 2022. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Awareness & Dowsing Courses with Rory Duff

Date: 25th June 2021

Location: Bath


As part of ‘Helping Hands…’ Initiative we are delighted to be able to bring you Awareness & Dowsing Level 1 with Rory Duff. ‘Helping Hands…’ is a scheme whereby the BSD promotes the events of talented individuals to bring their work to a wider audience.

Rory is offering Increased Awareness courses & Dowsing Earth Energies courses in the city of Bath in the UK.

Level 1 Course – Learning new ways to sense these the Earth Energies – A One day workshop.

This initial course will teach you the basics of how to become more sensitive to these Earth Energy lines and how to control your level of awareness so that you are not adversely affected by these energies wherever you come across them. This course includes a quick way to become competent at dowsing which is one of the ways we use to improve awareness.

Level 2 Course – Learn to map all the main Earth energy lines in your area

The course will teach you how to map energy lines over an area. You must either be an experienced dowser of have developed high degrees of awareness and control to do this course or you can have done the first course.

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