Divine Healing Hands Sanctuary

My name is Lindsey and I’d like to give you a little more information about my kind of work that I love to do.

Dowsing is a skill that has many other uses besides locating water, gas, map work and architecture. It goes beyond levels not visible to the naked eye. We are very capable of learning how to work with pendulums, dowsing rods and even our own body, as this will move in ways you cannot control that will give the answers that are enquired about.

 My work with Dowsing be it clearing detrimental energies in someone’s home or working remotely on the other side of the world has been successful to say the least for many years, with positive reviews and outcomes and makes the whole learning process worth every minute spent doing so.   Knowing my clients are happy with how it has helped within their homes, the land, Animals, finding  burst or blocked pipes for the water board /gas leaks, chakra balancing and crystal healing all use pendulum dowsing.

 I have been working during the last couple of years creating dowsing diploma courses that have been approved and recognised by the International Holistic Practitioners Medicine for which I’m a full member as a therapist and as a Training provider.

 My courses have a wide range of healing modalities using dowsing and you will find they play a very important role with many areas of my work from beginners dowsing to advanced. Care and attention are given during the courses and a full colour booklet is also provided to each student to refer to and continue their journey. There is plenty of practical work and all have an assessment to qualify.

Please check my web site :  www.divinehealinghandssanctuary.co.uk

For more information :       https://www.facebook.com/divinehealinghands.co 

email: Lindsay.dhhs@protonmail.com         

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