Plans for new courses in 2022

Following a long absence of any dowsing training offered by the society, plans are now being worked on to offer a number of course in 2022. More information will be available in due course.

Awareness & Dowsing Courses Level 1 with Rory Duff, available in 2021

As part of our ‘Helping Hands…’ Initiative we are delighted to be able to bring you Awareness & Dowsing Level 1 with Rory Duff.  ‘Helping Hands…’ is a scheme whereby the BSD promotes the events of talented individuals to bring their work to a wider audience.

Learning new ways to sense these the Earth Energies -A One day workshop held in the city of Bath in the UK.

This initial course will teach you the basics of how to become more sensitive to these Earth Energy lines and how to control your level of awareness so that you are not adversely affected by these energies wherever you come across them.  This course includes a quick way to become competent at dowsing which is one of the ways we use to improve awareness.

Aims – To reach a basic level of understanding about dowsing and to be able to dowse Earth Energy lines.

Objectives – To achieve a base level competence in dowsing Earth energy lines by being able to demonstrate proficiency in the 15 core competencies associated with this course so that you can go on to dowse the differences in Earth energies in the area in which you live.

Questions addressed in this course

  • How to increase your focus and awareness so that you become more attuned to the World around you?
  • How to find the best dowsing methods to use and when to use them and which ones are best for you.
  • Is your rod control leading you astray?
  • Have you picked up misleading habits?
  • Can I quickly learn to dowse from scratch?
  • Where can I find a refresher course to iron out the bad habits that currently inhibit my dowsing skills from progressing?
  • How to quickly differentiate between different types of energy lines?
  • When to use self-suggestion and when not to?
  • How to build belief though sound feedback mechanisms?

You will be taught 15 Core Competencies in this course

You will be sent details of these after you have signed up for the course and just before it starts

Course completion

All Course 1 delegates will receive a level 1 certificate of attendance along with an analysis of where they reached competency in specified areas.  They will also receive feedback on the core competencies that they will need to work on if they are to achieve full proficiency at the end of the second course.


  • Do I need to bring my own rods & pendulums? – No, Rory will lend these for use on the day.
  • How far do we walk? – About 2km around the City of Bath, with frequent stops. Please wear suitable clothing for the weather conditions and suitable footwear for walking.
  • Will I need to provide my own lunch? – Yes, either bring a packed lunch or you will be able to buy food from the Giraffe Cafe.

Everyone on the course will also get a free copy of Rory’s new Guide to Leylines, Earth Energies and Nodes book.  The numbers on this course are purposely kept low so learning can be achieved at a faster rate. The dowsing course is run on a Sunday from 10.00am in the morning until 4.00pm, with a stop for a lunch break in the middle.

Pre-booked places only to meet at 10.00am at the Giraffe Café, 8 Dorchester Street, Bath, BA1 1SS ( which is only 2 mins walk from the train station & the bus station and the nearest car park.

Please note this is a not a BSD training course.  Certificates of attendance will be issued by Rory Duff, not the BSD.

Please note the following details should you need to cancel your booking

  • Cancellation made more than 2 months prior to event: full refund
  • Cancellation made between 2 months and 1 month before the event: 75% refund
  • Cancellation made more 1 month (or less) prior to event: no refund

All copyright and other intellectual property rights in these materials are owned by or licensed by the Rory Duff.  Copying, adaptation or other use of all or any part of these materials without express written permission of the Rory Duff is strictly prohibited.

BSD shall have no liability to any person for any loss or damage, however occurring, whether direct or indirect, resulting from this course or the use of these course materials.

Medical Advice Disclaimer
If you require any medical advice relating to a particular health problem, BSD strongly urges you to contact you doctor or other medical practitioner.  The BSD is not qualified to provide medical advice about health problems and nothing in the content of these course material constitutes medical advice.  Any natural holistic healthcare information provided, should be regarded as complementary too, and not a substitute for, conventional healthcare.


Further information, link to Rory’s website: