British Society of Dowsers Annual Conference 2018

Friday, 14 – Sunday, 16 September, 2018
University of Leicester Conference Centre,
Stamford Court, Manor Road, Oadby, LE2 2LH

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The Annual Conference is the highlight of the dowsing year providing, as it does, opportunities to be inspired by excellent speakers, to take part in a variety of workshops, chat informally with the speakers and spend time enjoying the company of fellow dowsers.

We are highly delighted to be returning for a third visit to Stamford Court, a purpose-built, light and airy conference centre set in extensive landscaped grounds in a quiet area to the south of the city.  A virtual tour is available on the Stamford Court website.
Just across the road from Stamford Court is John Foster Hall which houses the restaurant and bar.  Food is served buffet-style and, provided they know in advance, the chefs are only too happy to make special arrangements for those with dietary restrictions.
Accommodation for the weekend is in single, en-suite, student bedrooms arranged in small flats, each with a basic kitchen and sitting area, in buildings adjacent to John Foster Hall.  There is a wheelchair access throughout and specially adapted rooms are available, including some with carer’s accommodation.


We are immensely proud of our Annual Conference and rightly so! It is a wonderful gathering of dowsers coming together from far and wide to enjoy being informed, inspired and entertained by our expert speakers and workshop leaders but also relishing the opportunity to engage in discussion with a crosssection of the dowsing community. From the novice dowser attending Conference for the first time to the expert dowser who wouldn’t miss it for the world, we all have dowsing in common and much to share with each other. It is rare to find a group of people so gloriously egalitarian, welcoming and inclusive as the dowsing family so it is only right and proper that we are proud of that too.

In addition to our five keynote speakers, our sixteen workshops and time to be spent enjoying each other’s company we will have, this year, a rare opportunity to learn about and to experience the strange phenomenon that is GANS. Read more about it on page nine.
Our venue once more is Stamford Court, the University of Leicester’s light and airy conference centre in the leafy
surroundings of Oadby, on the southern side of the city. Close by is John Foster Hall which houses the restaurant and bar.  The restaurant’s chefs are proud of their reputation for adapting their food to suit the needs of those with dietary restrictions.  Understandably, they need to be notified in advance so do, please, let us know when you book if you have special requirements.
Accommodation for the weekend is in single, en-suite, student rooms arranged in small flats in buildings adjacent to
John Foster Hall. The whole site is wheelchair friendly and specially adapted rooms are available, some with carer’s
accommodation. Please let us know if you would like to reserve one of those.

Main Speakers at Conference

Just as the Annual Conference is the highlight of the dowsing year, our main speakers are the highlight of Conference.  Our speakers this year are drawn from very different disciplines but, together, they promise a programme that will inspire, inform and entertain us all.

Karen French

International author and artist Karen L French is known for her books, Gateway to the Heavens and The Hidden Geometry of Life. Her passions are archetypal symbolism and sacred geometry from a multi-disciplinary perspective. She looks at the science behind numbers, shapes, colours, and their roles in forming reality as well as their use as symbols and tools in the Arts and in spirituality. Numerate and creative, Karen studied mathematics and management sciences to post graduate level, while exploring her artistic skills as well. She then spent many years in international marketing, during which time she was published on several occasions. For the last 20 years she has devoted her time to The Gateway Series of books and expressionistic art exploring the potent effect of symbols and intent in creativity.

Karen’s talk is entitled Sacred Geometry: Its Significance and Potential Within Your Reality. She says that without geometry there would be no time, no space, no possibility of our existence.

Learn about the meaning and purpose of 5 essential, yet simple, geometric shapes that are fundamental to the construction of reality and a universal model called the Gateway to the Heavens – comprising of the circle, square, triangle, cross and spiral. Hear why they have been used down the centuries as potent symbols and tools across all cultures, particularly when used with sacred intent, activated by sound and imbued with the colours of light. No complex mathematics is included or needed to appreciate their potency or to use them to effect.

Following on from her talk, Karen will give workshops entitled Experiencing the Dynamics of Geometric Shapes.  Participants in these workshops will explore and experience the effects of a few basic geometric shapes on themselves through a variety of techniques. This includes body stances (that do not require strength or contortions), guided visualisations and dowsing using their own hands and dowsing tools.

Simon Brown

Simon is the author of 19 books.  This includes 10 books on feng shui, 2 on chi energy, 2 on face reading, 2 on macrobiotics, 1 on wabi sabi, and 2 novels.  He is currently the chair of the Feng Shui Society and Macrobiotic Association. Simon is a shiatsu and reiki practitioner.  His talks aim to be lively, interactive, informative and practical.

Simon’s intention at Conference is to help us to understand ourselves in terms of our own energy, known as Chi in China, and how this energy interacts with the outside.  This is a very revealing journey that will start in his talk on Face Reading and move on in his workshops entitled Human Energy to the whole person.  The aim is to better understand how we can make our energy and, in particular, the energy around us work so that we can more easily succeed in life.

The aim is to be sailing with the wind, or swimming with the tide so that we achieve more with less effort.

Annie Penny

A recently co-opted member of the British Society of Dowsers Council, Annie Penny is a qualified practitioner in Healing, NLP, Counselling, Hypnotherapy and EFT.  She holds a Diploma in Integrated Techniques and the certificate of working with people with cancer from Bristol Cancer Care. She has also studied Meta Medicine.

Annie is a Master Trainer in EFT for AAMET and has been a healing tutor for the Guild of Healers and is a guest tutor on the Healing Accreditation Diploma at the College of Psychic Studies in London.

She teaches a seven day chakra course and some of her most popular one-day workshops include Introduction to Healing; Genograms; Healing with EFT; Cancer; Chakra Health Day; Healing with Death and Dying; The Archetypes.

Annie has worked as a healer for 20 years in cancer care centres, hospitals and hospice care. Much of her work has been with serious illness, particularly cancer. In her uplifting talk entitled Healing into Death, Annie will draw on stories of working with people who were dying and how healing helped them pass over peacefully. Through her work she has been helped by many incredible teachers to put together a ritual to help people positively prepare for death while still well. For her book on dying, Annie interviewed many wise Eastern and Western teachers, channels, and people who have had Near Death Experiences.

In this talk she would like to share some of their stories and their advice for positively preparing for death, the moment of death and the afterlife.

For her workshops, Annie will draw on her experience as a teacher of Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as EFT or Tapping. She will teach the basics so that you will be able to use this simple and effective technique to clear any physical or emotional blocks you may be holding. The combination of tapping on the end points of the energy meridians and voicing positive affirmations works to clear the emotional blocks from your body’s energy system. EFT is a technique you can quickly learn and apply to yourself and others to clear negative thought patterns. It can be used for: food cravings, stress, pain, phobias and anxiety.

Jim Lyons

British Society of Dowsers member Jim Lyons, is a retired Chartered Aeronautical and Electrical Engineer.  His experience covered both Industry and Academia, primarily at the University of York.

He has dowsed on five continents since a teenager, focussing on Ancient Sites.  The re-appearance of Crop Circles in the 1990s stimulated the need to find strong Mind-Matter connectivity.  This is the focus of on-going research.

What Jim does not mention in his biography is that he has dedicated decades of research to this field of study and that he is a speaker of international renown.

Jim’s talk at Conference is entitled The Conscious Cosmos about which he says that the ongoing failure of the current Big Bang description of the Cosmos is yielding an emerging new model of the Mind-Matter connection.  It is the “SpinSpace” concept of spiralling electric filaments forming a grid network throughout the Cosmos.  Galaxies emerge at cross-over points on this network.  The primary source of energy is electricity in the plasma state, for example the light from the Sun.  This self-organising fluid-like material occupies well over 99% of cosmic matter.  The Earth Energy Grid defines the layout of Ancient Sites and indeed Medieval Churches.  Its energy is detected by our Third Eyes, the key to dowsing.  The structure of everything is dictated by harmonics based on the Diatonic Scale.  The lecture will outline the features of this emerging model.

Jim will be leading a workshop in which participants will be invited to explore how to quantify dowsing responses.


We have just heard that Lucy Pringle has agreed to complete our line-up of speakers at the Annual Conference 2018.

Lucy was educated in England, France and Switzerland and has travelled widely, spending twelve years in Jamaica where her elder son was born.

She is a Founder member of the Centre for Crop Circle Studies. She is widely known and is an international authority on the subject and the pioneer researcher into the effects of electromagnetic fields on living systems.

This includes the physiological and psychological effects reported by people after visiting or being in the vicinity of a crop formation, also animal behaviour, remote effects, luminosities, mechanical failures and audio effects. Her research shows measured changes in the human hormones following short exposure to the circles, also changes in brain activity.

Recent research in NIR (Near Infra-Red) revealed a marked increase in the protein content in grain taken from inside a crop formation.

Lucy also writes, appears on TV and broadcasts extensively on the crop circle phenomenon. She lectures at home and internationally, including the Darwin Society at Christ’s College, Cambridge, the Scientific Exploration Society, The College of Psychic Studies and Alternatives, London and now, the British Society of Dowsers’ Annual Conference!

The intriguing title of Lucy’s talk is Healing in the Fields and the Other Side of the Coin. Lucy will also lead workshops but what form her workshops will take is yet to be confirmed.

More information on the Annual Conference 2018 programme and workshops coming soon!!

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