Here are a selection of videos explaining how to do various tasks

How to add a button to a page which will take the user to some url

How to add dowsing today to the digital bookshelf

It is not very clear on the video, but when you add the short codes, put inverted commas around a comma separated list, eg

flipbook-shelf ids=”june_2021,
december_2019″ style=”wood-light” titles=””

the page width is 892 and the height is 1262

How to edit conference flyer/page

How to make web page and add to the website's menu

How to monitor website disk usage and keep it in check

How to add new items to the News page

How to host a video on Gogle Drive and link to it from a page.

How to link to a file nosted on Google Drive

How to edit the professional dowsers page