International Dowsing Day 5th May 2020 – please send photos & experiences of your day to:

Dear Fellow Dowsers,
You will probably be aware that the International Dowsing Day is celebrated on 5th May each year. It is an initiative of the British Society of Dowsers being the birthday of the late dowser Hamish Miller.
Societies over the world also mark this day by holding events and promoting the ancient art of dowsing. Closer to home, many groups and individuals also arrange activities. Last year, the theme of the Day was ‘Working with Tree Energy Part 1′ and this year that theme has been extended to ‘Working with Tree Energy Part 2′.
During these extraordinary times we are facing, it is not possible for groups to engage as in previous years. However, most of us seem to have more time to reflect whilst ‘staying in’ and longing for the days when we can get back out to our favourite places.
On May 5th we would love you to take some time and think about trees, their energy and their beauty and their importance in our local and global environment.
If you have a tree nearby that you can connect with or pass during your allowed exercise time or connect remotely, we would love to hear all about it. You may have some original ideas that you could share which would benefit others who are in isolation. Please send in any photos, selfies or accounts of your day that we could include in the next edition of Dowsing Today.
Of course, not everyone is able to celebrate International Dowsing Day on the day itself. This year it falls on a Tuesday and some members prefer to mark it on the weekend before and some will prefer the weekend after. Some groups also have their own way of marking the occasion. We are delighted to add to our message the initiative undertaken by the Cornwall Dowsers below.
Please also note the sentiments expressed regarding those who are ill, those who are grieving and those who are bravely caring during this current epidemic. We wholeheartedly share those sentiments and encourage supporting their initiative to focus our intent for them at 4.00pm on Sunday 3rd May.
This is a message from Cornwall’s Dowsers: 

International Dowsing Day – Sunday May 3.
” Each year we celebrate International Dowsing Day at the beginning of May. In previous years Trencrom Dowsers (west Cornwall) has had a Celebration of Hilltops, of Holy Wells, sung and drummed at various sacred sites and enjoyed a cream tea or two, (‘Cakey tea’) together – well, this is Cornwall after all! At the end of the day, to complete our celebration, we normally walk down to the beautiful headland of Carn Lês Boel, near Land’s End, the first/last UK node point of the Michael/Mary energy currents. And there we send a message of love and peace along the currents and around the globe.
Obviously this year this cannot happen, due to Covid-19 restrictions, but we intend to be focussing our intent at 4 pm on Sunday 3 May – whether that is a “special place” within walking distance, in our garden or in the heart of our home. The time is chosen because it is then that we are usually at Carn Lês Boel.
And this year there is a different focus: the people who are ill, those who are grieving and all those who are bravely caring.
Please join us then.”