DFest 2018 – The South West’s first Dowsing Festival on Saturday 23 June & Sunday 24 Jun 2018 in South Zeal, Devon

The Festival is on the weekend of Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 June 2018, in and around the Dartmoor area of South Zeal in Devon. 

The aim of the event is to be a celebration of dowsing, which is accessible to all pockets; for novices and experts alike. 
There will be an array of Talks (from Ann Lodygowski, Mandy Bennett, and John Moss), Outings and Workshops, as well as time to socialise and meet with other dowsers. 
The Event is open to all, and at minimum cost, and promises to be a great fun weekend.

Booking is open, but only for another couple of weeks – so don’t miss out!


  • £50
    Full price for the Full weekend (this is not including food and accommodation). 
  • £40
    Full price for the full weekend which is ONLY for those who are Members of the British Society of Dowsers and Members of British Society of Dowsers Affiliated Local Groups.

For all of the details of this exciting Event, and information on how to book please visit either of the following Dowsers’ websites:

Devon Dowsers   www.devondowsers.org.uk

Somerset Dowsers    www.somersetdowsers.co.uk

DFest SW 18


We look forward to you joining us.
Mandy Bennett – Somerset Dowsers
Gwynn Paulett – Devon Dowsers

On behalf of DFest