The Song of the Tarot the Romany Way

Event date: 24th February 2018

Slimbridge Dowsers

Presented by Maria Wheatley.
9:45am for 10:30am, Kingshill House, Dursley. GL11 4BZ.

Tarot is a great tool for spiritual self-development and it can accurately predict future cycles and events. Over 30 years ago, I was taught the Romany Way of reading the Tarot, which is called the Song of the Tarot. I have developed the Song and you will be amazed at how rhythmic and easy it is to understand the meaning of the cards, which portray a psychology and spiritual meaning.

Like looking into a mirror, the cards reflect the inner dynamics of a person; how they are thinking and feeling. Outer dynamics, such as family, relationships and work are also revealed, giving a holistic understanding and insight into a person’s life.

Future cycles and events are hinted at so that we can work with the energies to manifest the future. Tarot is a Seer’s portal into the past, present and future, allowing us to grow and develop at all levels. Embracing the guidance that tarot offers is to flow with the unseen and ever-present universal energies that guide our soul’s development.