Bards of Avalon – Alchemists of Sound

Event date: Sunday, 14th October, 2018

Cardiff Dowsing & Holistic Group

In this presentation, we’ll be sharing our experiences of Bornholm’s four Templar Round Churches, their sacred geometric alignment to each other and the amazing synchronicities which happened along the way.  We will combine images of the churches with live singing so you may enjoy the energies of these sacred sites in a more profound way.

Over the past 15 years, we’ve been guided to travel to several sacred sites around the world.  We’ve found that many of these sites were designed for making sound and our singing voices act as a key to help unlock the mysteries of these sites.

In 2009, a book which literally fell off a library bookshelf and a “chance” recording of a television documentary were the promptings for an extraordinary journey to the island of Bornholm.  This small island in the Baltic Sea, the jewel in Denmark’s crown, boasts a fascinating history, including tales of buried Templar treasure.

Bards of Avalon Alchemists of Sound